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163CNN seeks car-free iReporters

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  • lhogue46
    Sep 14, 2009
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      Found this on the XtraCycle group:


      Countless legislators and environmental groups have called for the United
      States to reduce its dependence on foreign oil. Do you think it's possible?

      Here's our challenge: Leave your car at home for one day and show us how you
      get around. Whether you bike to work, take public transportation to the
      grocery store, or walk everywhere, we want to see whether ditching your
      vehicle is a realistic option where you live.

      Document your car-free day through video and photos and let us know what it
      was like. And it you use alternative fuels, let us know. Your story could be
      featured on CNN.

      Assignment rules:
      Challenge: Document a day without driving
      Format: Photo or video
      Deadline: Wednesday, September 16, 2009