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  • carfreeworldview
    Feb 19, 2009
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      Hi there,

      I'm thrilled to see a car-free group here in San Diego. I recently
      moved to Del Mar from Davis (Northern California). I loved being
      car-free in Davis. I've tried to emulate the same lifestyle here in
      San Diego.

      I want to share this knowledge and help people go car-free or
      car-lite. I just created this guide to living car-free in the San
      Diego region - SDcarfree (http://sdcarfree.com/). Eventually, if
      there is demand, I would like to turn this into a business: car-free
      consulting. :)

      I would appreciate any website suggestions. Might anyone know of
      other local car-free networks or organization? Let me know if there
      are some links (blogs, advocacy) you think I should add to the list.


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