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150McFetridge; couchsurfing; sunday streets

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  • Colin Leath
    Dec 23, 2008
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      First, Duncan McFetridge (sofar.org) got a largeish OpEd in Friday, 12/19's union tribune ( tinyurl.com/76kry3 ) about how Sandag is using any additional federal money for roads rather than transit. And how misguided that is.

      Second, the couchsurfing.com site potentially has a lot of relevance for carfree people. It is beautiful in many ways--read what the Brazilian on the founder's page ( couchsurfing.com/founders.html ) has to say about relationships, for example.

      My page there:
      couchsurfing.com/people/colinleath -- if we can be friends and vouch for each other, well, we may appear more friendly.

      I got to scheming about starting a CouchSurfing group--eventually developing the name

      "aspiring carfree, planefree, and motorvehiclefree couchsurfers and hosts"

      --and considered how to implement it (one global, many local groups), and what the description, mission statement would be.

      I haven't done that yet, though. You'll note there are several carfree, planefree, and urban design groups there already.

      Third? I scheduled a post for SDTJDPH.blogspot.com with a photo of an SD street and a comment on how the design could be improved (should be published 12/25?).

      no, third: the SD Ish group: some of you may be interested in the San Diego Sunday Streets group on linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1496767

      Carfree guys: You might benefit from knowing that the activistsandiego.org youth activists have organized "reclaim the streets" events in the past. Not sure if they'd collborate. I did send the link to one ASD connection.

      peace & creative love,