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SUTP update June- July 2006

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  • Carlos F. Pardo SUTP
    Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GTZ SUTP) update   June - July 2006   This bimonthly newsletter gives updates on the SUTP resources, website and events
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2006
      Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GTZ SUTP) update
      June - July 2006
      This bimonthly newsletter gives updates on the SUTP resources, website and
      events related to our topic of interest. For more information or feedback,
      please contact sutp@... , or visit our website at www.sutp.org .
      Note: you have been sent this update because you’ve registered in the SUTP
      website and/or agreed to be part of the sutp yahoogroup
      sutp-asia@yahoogroups.com  . Please follow instructions in the group website
      at www.yahoogroups.com/sutp-asia to unsubscribe. Also, you can now opt-in
      and opt-out of our newsletter from the registration panel in the new
      www.sutp.org website.
      *****Project related News*****
      (for greater detail of these news, please go to www.sutp.org )
      As many of you may have noticed, www.sutp.org has undergone a redesign
      during the last few weeks. We have been analyzing all details that would
      improve our website, and developed a new version with greater friendliness
      to users. You will see that we have added the following characteristics:
      - Improved registration system (with newsletter opt-in, opt-out)
      - Search engines for website content and links, documents and photos
      (documents and photos are searched within each section)
      - Website links per topic
      - Bibliography per topic
      - Greater organization of resources
      - Users may suggest weblinks, rate documents and photos.
      - Improved events calendar
      - Improved photo gallery
      Note: since the website is a new development, our team is still working on
      the full operational capacity of all details. Please send any comments to

      During the CAI LAC conference in Sao Paulo, GTZ will deliver training
      courses on Public awareness and Bus Rapid Transit Planning, and is
      coorganizing a four day training course on nonmotorised transport with other
      parties. All information on the event and training courses is available from
      www.cleanairnet.org/saopaulo . Details on these courses (with presentations)
      will be found on www.sutp.org during the first week of august.

      GTZ co-organized the In-country EST Policy Dialogues and Training Workshops
      in Viet Nam (22-24 June 2006), along with UNCRD, Ministry of Natural
      Resources and Environment (MONRE), Ministry of Transport-Viet Nam; also, GTZ
      coorganized a similar event in Vanvieng, Lao PDR (19-21 June 2006).
      GTZ was involved in the development of the EU-China workshop on sustainable
      transport, developed by the China Academy of Transport Sciences (CATS),
      Ministry of Communications (MOC) & Directorate-General for Energy and
      Transport European Commission (EC) during 27-28 May, 2006 in Beijing. Mr.
      Manfred Breithaupt gave a presentation on Capability Building on Sustainable
      Urban Transport in Asia.  The Chinese version of the GTZ Sourcebook was also
      officially launched.
      GTZ was organizing the Wuhan Workshop on Sustainable Urban Transport,
      developed during May 9, 2006. GTZ colleagues gave talks on Capacity building
      and training on Sustainable Urban Transport in Asia, Principles and policy
      approaches for Sustainable Urban Transport, Non-Motorized Transport and
      Pedestrianisation and Fiscal Policies for Mobility Management.
      GTZ has updated the sourcebook module 1c by Christopher Zegras, entitled
      "Private Sector Participation in Urban Transport Infrastructure Provision".
      You can download a PDF copy (registered users) in www.sutp.org
      GTZ, with the collaboration of the World Bank, has updated all (to date) 23
      Spanish versions of the sourcebook based on the newer English documents.
      These are now all available from our new website at www.sutp.org .

      The GTZ SUTP project has released the first edition of the Training Course
      on Public Awareness and Behavior Change, developed by Carlos F. Pardo. This
      first edition has been produced in Spanish, and the second edition will be
      launched in August in both Spanish and English. The document is available
      from the resources section on www.sutp.org
      The German experience gives a striking example of how the trend of rising
      accident numbers due to increasing motorisation levels (which can be
      witnessed in many developing countries today) can cost-effectively be
      reversed in a short time. The key to success lies in the cooperation of
      different actors. A complete document developed by GTZ for ESCAP is
      available from www.sutp.org

      The GTZ SUTP project, with the help of Mr Jonas Hagen and the support of the
      Goethe Institut Montevideo and GTZ Uruguay, has delivered a training course
      on Bus Rapid Transit Planning during May 3-4, 2006. The workshop was
      conducted by Mr Lloyd Wright and assisted by Carlos F. Pardo. All details of
      the course are available from www.sutp.org

      * Biannual Conference and Exhibit of the Clean Air Initiative for Latin
      American Cities on Sustainable Transport: Linkages to Mitigate Climate
      Change and Improve Air Quality The conference will also have three training
      courses from SUTP on Public Awareness, Bus Rapid Transit and Non motorised
      transport before, during and after the event. GTZ will also contribute to
      the conference by moderating sessions and delivering presentations.
      Date and Venue: July 24th -27th 2006 -- Sao Paulo, Brazil Web site:
      * 11th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research, Kyoto,Japan
      The 11th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research, organized by
      the International Association for Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR), will be
      held at Kyoto University, Japan, in August 2006. This is the first
      conference in the IATBR series to be held in Asia.
      Date & Venue: 16th - 20th August, 2006, Kyoto University Clock Tower
      Centennial Hall, Japan
      E-mail: iatbr06@...-u.ac.jp Web site:
      * European Transport Conference 2006
      The European Transport Conference (ETC) is viewed as the key sector event.
      It brings together speakers and delegates to form a "who's who" of transport
      policy and innovation from across Europe.
      Dates: 18th - 20th September, 2006
      Deadline for abstracts submission: 31st January, 2006
      Venue: Strasbourg, France
      Web site: http://abstracts.etcproceedings.org/
      * 3rd International Symposium NETWORKS for MOBILITY 2006 Date & Venue:
      05th-06th October, 2006, Stuttgart.
      E-mail: fovus@...-stuttgart.de
      Web site: http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/fovus/index_en.htm
      * Segundo Congreso Internacional de Transporte Sustentable The Embarque-led
      Centro de Transporte Sustentable (CTS) from México will co-organize an event
      together with GTZ SUTP LAC on October 16-18, 2006, on sustainable Transport.
      More info will be delivered through this website, or can be seen in
      http://www.cts-ceiba.org/congreso2/ (Spanish website)
      * Better Air Quality 2006
      The 5th Better Air Quality (BAQ) workshop will be held in the third week of
      September in the historic city of Yogyakarta in Central Java, Indonesia. The
      theme of BAQ 2006 is called a "Celebration of Efforts" to highlight the
      success stories that Asian countries, cities and communities have achieved
      over the last years in addressing air pollution while at the same time
      highlighting the efforts that are still ahead in improving air quality in
      Asia. A number of GTZ contributions are foreseen in this event, including
      workshops and training courses.
      Web site: www.baq2006.org
      Date: December 13-15 September 2006
      * Velo-city 2007 in Munich
      The goal of Velo-city 2007 in Munich is to create an international
      communication platform for decision makers in the economic, political and
      administrative arena for the successful promotion of bicycle transport in
      daily and leisure travel. Simultaneously, we want to reach out to the
      cyclists, the citizens of the City of Munich.
      Date & Venue: 12th-15th June, 2007, Gastelg Convention Centre.
      Registration: info@...
      Web site: www.velo-city2007.com

      SUSTRAN-DISCUSS is a forum devoted to discussion of people-centred,
      equitable and sustainable transport with a focus on developing countries
      (the 'Global South'). Because of the history of the list, the main focus is
      on urban transport policy in Asia.
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