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RE: [carfree_cities] No one rides inside

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  • Carlos F. Pardo SUTP
    I haven t seen this movie, since it will only have the premiere next 23rd, but I will surely see it once released here. However, it made me think of another
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 12, 2006
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      I haven't seen this movie, since it will only have the premiere next 23rd,
      but I will surely see it once released here.

      However, it made me think of another animated movie I saw on Friday: "Over
      the hedge". There's a wonderful scene where the raccoon is "presenting" the
      suburbs to other animals. They stand in front of a car, and the dialogue is
      something like this:

      - This is an SUV.
      - And why do they use it?
      - Because humans are progressively losing their ability to walk
      - And how much people can travel inside?
      - Normally, only one.
      - woooow.
      (Of course, this is how I reconstruct the dialogue, it may be somewhat

      I loved that. It was so short but precise. Of course, the quid of the whole
      movie is more general (it shows typical suburban lifestyle from the point of
      view of animals: humans eat all day just because they live to eat, they are
      couch potatoes, they use cars, etc).

      Back to "Cars", I really want to take a close look at the movie, since it is
      always in those examples where we can find the weaknesses of car drivers:
      what they like, what they don't like, and how their illusions of freedom,
      liberty and speed are just that: illusions. From the trailers of the movie,
      it's funny that a movie about cars MUST be "filmed" mostly in a desert. If
      it were in a city, it would be a big bore. But...has anyone read "Autopista
      del Sur" by Julio Cortazar? Highly recommended...

      Best regards,

      Carlos F. Pardo

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      First, see:

      (Notice the Cadillacs in this image?)

      I dont know what to think about this - this new movie named "Cars"...

      - T


      Movie review:

      Cars are people in the new Pixar animation "Cars." They talk. They have
      feelings, ambitions, senses, affections and passions. There are old ones
      and young ones, pretty ones and homely ones, humble ones and wealthy ones.
      In the stands during an auto race, the spectators are also cars. The movie
      depicts a world without humans, one in which automobiles have interiors
      but for no discernible reason, except maybe as some evolutionary holdover.
      No one rides inside.

      Full story:


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