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RE: [carfree_cities] Dislike of public transport

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  • Bling Williams
    I could do a whole chapter on the trials of travelling with a person in a wheelchair on non-accessible public transport. But it might be depressing. Shyrley
    Message 1 of 8 , May 25, 2006
      I could do a whole chapter on the trials of travelling with a person in a wheelchair on non-accessible public transport. But it might be depressing.


      "Carlos F. Pardo SUTP" <carlos.pardo@...> wrote:
      Sorry for my multiple postings, but I really like the idea of the book. We
      could set up a blog-like website that would eventually lead to a book.
      People can log in and write their experiences "in transit". Very insightful,
      and I'm sure I would log in every day or two to write down what I had seen.

      Carlos F. Pardo

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      Nice thoughts, good practice. Power to your elbows, Debra.

      You made me recall the moment described my Gaskell when a worker's
      representative in Mary Barton realises that one of the people to whom they
      are making a plea has been sketching them!

      I bet you'd find a publisher for a book called "in transit". Otherwise keep
      collecting the incidents. Make two or three line notes on each with date and
      place and your memory and imagination can expand and connect them later. Did
      I tell you about the time I was taken off a train in Birmingham New Street
      by Transport Police for attempting to incite passengers on an overcrowded
      train not to pay a first class supplement after they'd found seat there. I
      didn't have to pay my fare and eventually the company gave up after I'd
      begged them to take me to court - something the better off can afford to
      Or shall I describe the time a few weeks ago when I entered a train carrying
      a scythe (folded) after attending a scything course in Somerset - what a
      theme for opening conversations with immediate ribaldry about "grim

      Or the time when I had a very smelly camembert or was it Chaum or stinking
      Bishop on a journey from Paddington to Newbury.

      Or the time on the train from NY to Philadelphia when a blind man sold me a
      Braille guide on a ticket sized piece of cardboard and I showed it to the
      inspector by mistake while continuing to read my book and he started signing
      to me and I thought he'd gone mad...


      > From: Debra Efroymson
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      > Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 04:08:20 -0700 (PDT)
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      > Subject: Re: [carfree_cities] Dislike of public transport
      > I love public transport--eavesdropping on people's
      > conversations, people watching, sometimes making new
      > (temporary) friendships. I would love to write an
      > article about my favorite public transit stories, if I
      > only knew who would publish it. So are the public
      > transit lovers the majority or the minority? Can we
      > get more press about the benefits of public transit?
      > And as to the need for rich and poor to mix in the
      > city, exactly. Having just finished reading the novel
      > Mary Barton, about how the distance between rich and
      > poor contributed to violence during bad times in the
      > cotton mills in Manchester in the 1840s, we are now
      > observing the exact same phenomenon here in
      > Bangladesh,

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