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2006 World Technology Environment Awards - Join us in seconding nominations of Jan Gehl and Greenwheels

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  • Eric.Britton
    Dear Friends, This year, after a number of emails and calls to discuss many great ideas, we are finally nominating two outstanding innovators for the 2006
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2006
      Dear Friends,

      This year, after a number of emails and calls to discuss many great
      ideas, we are finally nominating two outstanding innovators for the 2006
      World Technology Environment Awards, one an individual pioneer and one
      group showing the way. Our group nominees this year are the redoubtable
      Danish creator of public spaces stolen for the most part from traffic
      Jan Gehl and the Greenwheels carsharing organization in the Netherlands
      (the fastest growing such group in the world).

      This is as many of you will recall a group effort each year, thus you
      are as always invited cordially to anticipate and make sure that our
      nominees receive the international recognition that they so richly
      deserve. The path to do this is short and simple: all you have to do is
      click to the New Mobility Agenda at <http://www.newmobility.org/>
      www.newmobility.org and from there click 2006 Awards on the top menu. At
      that point you will see the first draft of our nominations, together
      with everything you need to quickly join us with your comments and
      seconding in this fine group effort.

      I would remind you that we have a 100% hit ratio for our nominations
      over the last three years, the reason being not only the exceptional
      contributions of people and teams like: Hans Monderman for his reducing
      one technology (the motor car) to its rightful (i.e., far more modest)
      place in residential streets; and the Seoul "Restoration Technology" car
      control project in their city; in 2004 Ken Livingstone for leading
      Congestion Charging project in London, and the Stockholm Partnerships
      for Sustainable Cities program; and back in 2003 a trio of outstanding
      carsharing project each trying to push the envelope in terms of the
      emerging city/car agenda: Caisse Commune in Paris, City Car Club in
      Helsinki, and Statoil Bilpool in Stockholm - but also the way that we
      have got behind them to make sure that the judges and many others as
      well understand the importance of their contributions.

      Last year we have more than fifty of our international colleagues join
      us in the nominations, and this year we hope to do at least as well. It
      is important to get the message out, and to do it right requires that we
      all join in.

      In the struggle for sustainable development and social justice we need
      to go for every chance we run across. Only in that way will we make the
      progress that is so badly needed.

      My sincere thanks for joining us to support Jan and the Greenwheels

      With all good wishes

      Eric Britton

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