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  • Gregorio Villacorta Alegria
    Hallo Tod I have read your messages about Coal , chaos in the future and engine jet costs to use in micro gas. I would like to know How are oriented the
    Message 1 of 8 , May 14, 2006
      Hallo Tod

      I have read your messages about Coal , chaos in the future and engine jet costs to use in micro gas.

      I would like to know

      How are oriented the transport ? to what kind of fuel or energy ?

      Gas ? , solar power ?

      Our actual systems of transport in developing countries are based in petroleum and gas , but how time will be able this fuel ?

      there are some pronostics ?

      Sorry my bad english.

      I am from Peru.



      Todd Edelman <edelman@...> escribió:
      > It's amazing how fast humans can adapt to change when they have to.

      > I preface everything by mentioning that I wholeheartedly agree with Joel,
      > coal is the worst form of energy available to us. I'd rather we didn't
      > use
      > it. I'm almost positive we will, if only because the US has a lot of it.

      > Over the course of two years in the early 40's, a country that lost their
      > supply of oil converted largely to liquid fuel from coal via the
      > Fischer-Tropsh process. They did this while being bombed nightly.
      > Fortunately for the rest of us, this experience wasn't successful for the
      > Nazis.

      WELL, this synfuel was beaten by oil + carbo-energy (Soviet and other
      soldiers), hydroelectric power (US airplanes) and finally a crude version
      of nuclear power.

      > Over the course of 15 years, the world built several hundred nuclear
      > plants,
      > at a time when coal was incredibly cheap.
      > How fast did the telegraph spread around the world?
      > How fast did semiconductors 'take over the world'?

      KEEP in mind that VERY many people in the world dont have communications
      or computer equipment.

      I see another disadvantage to centralised coal-based fuel: Just like many
      other fuels, it wont be available to people in the developing world.

      People in oil-rich Nigeria are already putting holes into pipelines and
      "stealing" fuel, at extreme risk to their own lives.

      Something like half the people in the world still use solid fuel for
      cooking. Inside homes this is dangerous.

      Fuel for public transport or cars etc is not even an issue.

      I wonder how many micro biogas reactors or solar panels you can buy for
      the price of one jet engine?


      > Sean
      >>From: "Todd Edelman"
      >>Reply-To: carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com
      >>To: carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com
      >>Subject: Re: [carfree_cities] Fuel from coal
      >>Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 15:07:39 +0200 (CEST)
      >>Richard Risemberg wrote:
      >> > We pretty much knew it would come to this. More than ever, it's
      >> > important to market carfreedom on its personal human benefits.
      >>YES, but we dont have to use only that. There is also huge amount of
      >>internalisation of costs for road transport which needs to happen,
      >>involving things besides air emissions.
      >>Also, assuming this Synfuel thing can get to the point of having a
      >>Coal-to-Liquid fuel facility operating in a "normal" fashion, it will be
      >>many, many, many years before enough of them are built to replace the
      >>current petroleum refining system -- that is to say that it wont fill the
      >>growing vacuum of post-peak oil right away. AND there will be I think a
      >>fair amount of pressure to keep it "clean" (relatively speaking) which
      >>means lots of "delays", too. There will also be lengthy legal battles
      >>about re-opening coal mines and especially starting new ones.
      >>So... as I have mentioned before... I think there will be a problem in 5
      >>to 10 years when petroleum-based fuel will be too expensive for too many
      >>people to use it for their cars (and airplanes).... and not enough public
      >>transport or cycling or non-petrofuelled-transport options
      >>(densification/pedestrian-oriented development, working at home, virtual
      >>conferencing) to come close to replacing automobiles (and airplanes)...
      >> so
      >>the question is: "How much chaos can we handle?". We need to mimimize
      >>future chaos by investing in much more PT, NMT and transport replacement
      >>Todd Edelman
      >>International Coordinator
      >>On the Train Towards the Future!
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      >>Green Idea Factory,
      >>a member of World Carfree Network
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      Todd Edelman
      International Coordinator
      On the Train Towards the Future!

      Green Idea Factory
      Laubova 5
      CZ-13000 Praha 3

      ++420 605 915 970


      Green Idea Factory,
      a member of World Carfree Network

      Yahoo! Groups Links


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