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Re: [carfree_cities] US Light Rail Booms

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  • Christopher Miller
    ... Unfortunately we haven t started to see the effect of this revival yet in Montreal, where the last of the old trams rolled of the scene in 1962... However,
    Message 1 of 5 , May 2, 2006
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      On May 2, 2006, at 7:31 AM, Todd Edelman wrote:

      > US Light Rail Booms
      > Light rail has more than lived up to its expectations in North
      > America and
      > has led to a major rail revival in cities across the continent.
      > http://www.railjournal.com/A/xfeature3.html

      Unfortunately we haven't started to see the effect of this revival
      yet in Montreal, where the last of the old trams rolled of the scene
      in 1962... However, one of the three main mayoral candidates in last
      November's election and his Projet Montréal party have a platform
      that includes bringing in New Tramway lines on several main
      thoroughfares in the heart of the city. Unfortunately he didn't win:
      the media didn't even invite him to participate in the candidates'
      debate, being more interested in the two career politicians who were
      running (a former mayor and the then incumbent and former provincial
      cabinet minister, who narrowly won a second term). The current mayor
      suddenly became interested in the New Tramway after a European trip
      and after toying with the idea, scaled it down to a single line
      running downtown past the "east" (in reality *north*) slope of Mount
      Royal. Just last week saw the release of a report on the
      revitalisation of Montreal's Harbourfront: area, and one of the firm
      recommendations slated for realisation in the first stage of the
      process is putting in place a New Tramway line that should connect
      downtown via two metro stations with the Harbourfront: area, running
      part of the way along an old rail line in the Old Port area below Old
      Montreal. It looks like this is the first actual project of the sort
      that we will actually see in Montreal.

      Here is a link to the Projet Montréal political programme page on
      sustainable transportation, including the role of the New Tramway
      (commitment 54):


      And their English main page with a link to their reactions to Mayor
      Tremblay's retreat on the Tramway:


      And here is a link to a page where the recommendations for the
      Harbourfront canbe downloaded as PDFs:


      Christopher Miller
      Montreal QC Canada
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