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SUTP newsletter Jan-March 2006

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  • Carlos F. Pardo SUTP
    Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GTZ SUTP) update January – March 2006   This bimonthly newsletter gives updates on the SUTP resources, website and
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      Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GTZ SUTP) update
      January – March 2006
      This bimonthly newsletter gives updates on the SUTP resources, website and
      events related to our topic of interest. For more information or feedback,
      please contact sutp@... , or visit our website at www.sutp.org .
      Note: you have been sent this update because you’ve registered in the SUTP
      website and/or agreed to be part of the sutp yahoogroup
      sutp-asia@yahoogroups.com . Please follow instructions in the group website
      at www.yahoogroups.com/sutp-asia to unsubscribe or write directly to
      sutp@... to unsubscribe to this newsletter.
      *****Project related News*****
      * Upcoming: Carfree Development module – Spanish translation
      Lloyd Wright’s Carfree Development module (3e) will be published in Spanish
      by April 20th, and will be available in www.sutp.org for free download
      * Chinese translation of 20 sourcebook modules
      The first 20 modules of the Sourcebook developed by GTZ have been translated
      into Chinese. Click http://www.sutp.org/sbchin.htm for more information and
      to download the overview
      * GTZ participation during CITYNET KLRTC course
      CITYNET developed its KLRTC Training Course 8: SUSTAINABLE URBAN TRANSPORT
      IN ASIA AND THE PACIFIC REGION during 26 March 2006 - 1 April 2006 in Kuala
      Lumpur, Malaysia. Manfred Breithaupt from GTZ gave a talk during the first
      day about Sustainable transport and Fiscal Policies for Mobility Management.
      * GTZ participation during SSATP workshop in Addis
      The Sub-Saharan African Transport Program (SSATP) from the World Bank
      delivered the workshop on “Addressing the Mobility and Transport Needs of
      the Urban and Rural Poor” in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 21 – 23, 2006 in
      collaboration with GTZ, UITP and IFRTD. Armin Wagner from GTZ gave a
      presentation on “Planning and training approaches on NMT/mass transport
      planning”. The presentation is available here:
      *Vientiane support to GEF MSP proposal
      The GTZ SUTP project, along with other parties, is supporting Vientiane
      Municipality in developing a proposal for their Vientiane Sustainable
      Transport Initiative, which will include a BRT system, cycleways,
      pedestrianisation, TDM measures and pedicab development.
      * GTZ support to Sibiu, Romania
      GTZ has given technical suport to Sibiu in Romania, towards the
      implementation of TDM measures and parking management strategies to improve
      their transport situation. Reports and details are available directly from
      *GTZ SUTP support to Montevideo
      As part of the Montevideo event on Sustainable transport and Bus Rapid
      Transit Planning, GTZ SUTP will deliver a training course in May 2-4, 2006
      in this city with participants from the municipality and other related
      parties, among other assistants from various cities in Latin America. This
      will hopefully develop into a strong cooperation with the city in terms of
      implementation arrangements.
      * Revised Public Awareness Raising module
      The GTZ SUTP has published a revised 40-page module on Public Awareness
      Raising in Sustainable Transport (module 1e, 3.8 MB) by Carlos F. Pardo. It
      has expanded on some of the issues that were developed in the initial
      document, and has included information on diagnostic tools, levels of
      awareness of the population, types of information that can be given to the
      target groups and complementing other chapters. This module will be
      complemented in May 2006 by a Training Course document on the same topic, as
      well as a live training course in Sao Paulo (July, 2006). The module will
      also be translated into Spanish by June 2006. It can be downloaded here.
      * Document on Traffic Safety impacts
      Todd Litman and Steven Fitzroy from VTPI and Fitzroy and Associates have
      published a paper on the evaluation of mobility management traffic safety
      impacts. It can be downloaded here. http://www.vtpi.org/safetrav.pdf
      * Presentation on outreach tools
      Carlos F. Pardo has given a presentation during the WRI hosted event on
      sustainable transport during January 26-27, 2006 in Washington. The
      presentation is available here (PDF, 3MB)
      http://www.sutp.org/docs/OUTREACH_WASHINGTON_%20PARDO.pdf . Complete
      information on the event is available here.
      * Article on BRT's in Latin America
      Gerhard Menckhoff has developed an interesting paper on BRT systems in Latin
      America, with an analysis of their main characteristics, pros and cons. It
      is available from download here.
      * GTZ article on energy and transport
      Dirk Aßman from GTZ and Niklas Sieber have published an academic paper
      entitled "Transport in Developing Countries: Renewable Energy vs. Energy
      Reduction" on the Transport Reviews Journal of November 2005. Full text
      article is available from here.
      * GTZ document on transport and Millennium Development Goals
      GTZ has published a document on The contributions from the Transport Sector
      to the Millennium Development Goals, called "Why Transport Matters". It
      ellaborates the nature of transport both as a complement to other sectors,
      and as a stimulant for economic growth and poverty reduction in its own
      right. It can be downloaded clicking here.
      * Portuguese version of SUTP website- Tradução completa para o Português
      Our website has been kindly translated by Transporte Ativo members (Ze Lobo,
      João Guilherme and Denir Miranda) into Portuguese language. Please click
      here to access this version. http://www.sutp.org/PT/PTindex.htm
      * SUTP expands to Latin America and the Caribbean
      To complement its English/Asia The GTZ SUTP project has started its Latin
      America & the Caribbean/Spanish chapter based in Bogotá, Colombia. Most
      sourcebook modules have been translated to Spanish, and the webpage has
      already started a translation effort finalised in 2005. It is now available
      in www.sutp.org/esp/espindex.htm. Also, the new chapter can be contacted
      through an email to sutplac@... .
      ************EVENTS (call for abstracts first, then chronological order)****
      * Call for abstracts: 11th World Conference on Transport Research
      The World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS) announces that
      the 11th World Conference will be held June 24-28, 2007, in Berkeley,
      California. The University of California will serve as host.
      For the 2007 Conference, the Local Organizing Committee is working closely
      with WCTRS officers and the WCTRS Scientific Committee to put together a
      memorable event. The five day conference will include plenary and concurrent
      sessions, field trips, and special events. Participants may give papers,
      organize sessions, or simply attend and participate in discussions.
      Website: http://www.uctc.net/wctrs/
      Abstracts Due: 28 April 2006
      Notification of acceptance: 02 June 2006
      Papers Due: 01 December 2006
      * Central Biofuels Conference & Expo II
      Learn and network with worldwide experts and professionals on ethanol,
      biodiesel, biomass and biotechnology.
      Dates: 21st - 23rd March, 2006
      Venue: Panama City, Panama
      Contact: info@...
      Web site: www.biofuelsconferences.com
      * Citeair Workshop
      Dates: 31st March, 2006
      Venue: Brussels, Belgium
      Contact: wwenzel@...
      Urbanism and Sustainability in A Changing World
      Dates: 16th-20th April, 2006
      Venue: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
      Website: http://www.jiufex.com/
      Email: cs@...
      * Intelligent Transport Systems: Design and Safety
      The European Network of Excellence HUMANIST organizes a training seminar on
      Intelligent Transport Systems: Design and Safety. Eight lecturers from
      European research centres will share their knowledge on safety and animate
      discussions on this important topic. The programme consists of lectures and
      practical exercices, performed in small groups.
      Dates: 09th - 10th May, 2006
      Venue: Prague, Czech Republic
      Contact: info@...
      Web site: www.noehumanist.org/
      * Mayors' Asia-Pacific Environmental Summit
      Since 1999, the Mayors` Asia Pacific Environmental Summit (MAPES) has
      provided a unique forum for mayors and other local government officials in
      the region to promote sustainable development in their cities, share
      information and best practices, and build partnerships with business, donor
      organizations, and NGOs.   
      Dates and venue: 09th - 12th May, 2006, Melbourne, Australia, concurrent
      with Australia's largest environmental and trade show, ENVIRO 2006
      Email: info@...
      Web site: www.environmentalsummit.com
      * European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM) 2006
      The Subject will be treated in four streams:
      Co-operation in mobility management on a regiional scale
      Accessibility of urban areas
      Attractiveness of cities
      Public participation and solutions for target groups
      Dates: 10th - 12th May, 2006
      Deadline for abstracts submission: 2nd January, 2006 Email: ecomm2006@...

      Venue: Groningen, The Netherlands
      Web site: http://www.ecomm2006.nl/
      * 4th Training Programme for Public Transport Managers
      The mobility sector has been rapidly changing during the last years.
      Therefore, the professional knowledge and capabilities required from persons
      in charge of the planning, administration, operation and maintenance of a
      public transport network is changing. Aware of this challenge, UITP has
      developed a training programme that others its members' managers the
      opportunity to improve their understanding of global mobility issues and
      enhance knowledge on the hot topics at present in public transport, touching
      upon globalisation and liberalisation, sustainable mobility and pricing of
      urban journeys, contractual arrangements between operators and authorities,
      integration and seamless travel, a total quality management and customer
      approach, safety and security, innovative rolling stock, travel information,
      electronic ticketing, etc.
      Dates and venue: 20th - 24th May, 2006, Bangkok, Thailand (Module 3)
      Email: caroline.deliens@...
      Web site: http://www.uitp.com/project/training/2005/copenhagen/
      * European Workshop on Infomobility and Flexible Transport Services
      The Regione Toscana, ATAF, the Public Transport Company of the Florence
      Metropolitan Area, and the AGATA project part-financed by the European
      Programme INTERREG IIIB MEDOCC are organizing a workshop "Infomobility and
      Flexible Transport Services: towards e-governance and sustainability in
      European cities" in collaboration with ENEA (Italian National Agency for New
      Technologies, Energy and the Environment) and the INTERREG IIIC SUNRISE,
      TRANSURBAN and MASCARA European projects.
      More than 30 speakers coming from different National and European areas,
      will present some significant experiences of mobility governance and ICT
      application to the overall transport chain. The workshop will affront the
      related institutional and normative aspects and the role of public transport
      and flexible services in the overall area of citizen info-mobility. The
      initiatives undertaken at national and European level will be also
      Dates and venue: 25th - 26th May, 2006
      Venue: Florence, Italy
      Contact: Jessica Huntingford
      Tel +39 055 4382432 - Fax +39 055 4382426
      E-mail: jessica.huntingford@...
      The South African National Roads Agency Ltd (SANRAL) and the Gender and
      Development Unit of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), in
      partnership with the Department of Transport (DoT) and the Centre for
      Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR) cordially invites you to submit a
      paper, poster, or participate in the round table discussion of the First
      International African Conference on Gender, Transport and Development.
      Dates and venue: 28th - 30th May 2006, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan
      University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
      Email: wcloete@... and copied to rpillay@...
      Web site: http://www.nra.co.za/
      * Eastern Biofuels Conference & Expo II
      Learn and network with worldwide experts and professionals on ethanol,
      biodiesel, biomass and biotechnology.
      Dates: 30th May - 1st June, 2006
      Venue: Budapest, Hungary
      Contact: info@...
      Web site: www.biofuelsconferences.com
      * CODATU XII, Lyon.
      Date and Venue: 5th - 7th July, 2006, Lyon
      Web site: http://www.codatu.org
      Email: codatu@...
      * Biannual Conference and Exhibit of the Clean Air Initiative for Latin
      American Cities on Sustainable Transport: Linkages to Mitigate Climate
      Change and Improve Air Quality
      The conference will also have three training courses from SUTP on Public
      Awareness, Bus Rapid Transit and Non motorised transport before, during and
      after the event. GTZ will also contribute to the conference by moderating
      sessions and delivering presentations.
      Date and Venue: July 24th -27th 2006 -- Sao Paulo, Brazil
      Web site: http://www.cleanairnet.org/lac_en/1415/article-70393.html
      * 11th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research, Kyoto,Japan
      The 11th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research, organized by
      the International Association for Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR), will be
      held at Kyoto University, Japan, in August 2006. This is the first
      conference in the IATBR series to be held in Asia.
      Date & Venue: 16th - 20th August, 2006, Kyoto University Clock Tower
      Centennial Hall, Japan
      E-mail: iatbr06@...-u.ac.jp
      Web site: http://term.kuciv.kyoto-u.ac.jp/iatbr06/
      * European Transport Conference 2006
      The European Transport Conference (ETC) is viewed as the key sector event.
      It brings together speakers and delegates to form a "who's who" of transport
      policy and innovation from across Europe.
      Dates: 18th - 20th September, 2006
      Deadline for abstracts submission: 31st January, 2006
      Venue: Strasbourg, France
      Web site: http://abstracts.etcproceedings.org/
      * Better Air Quality 2006
      The 5th Better Air Quality (BAQ) workshop will be held in the third week of
      September in the historic city of Yogyakarta in Central Java, Indonesia. The
      theme of BAQ 2006 is called a "Celebration of Efforts" to highlight the
      success stories that Asian countries, cities and communities have achieved
      over the last years in addressing air pollution while at the same time
      highlighting the efforts that are still ahead in improving air quality in
      Asia. A number of GTZ contributions are foreseen in this event, including
      workshops and training courses.
      Web site: www.baq2006.org
      Venue: Sheraton Mustika Hotel, Indonesia
      Date: September 13-15 September 2006
      * 3rd International Symposium NETWORKS for MOBILITY 2006
      Date & Venue: 05th-06th October, 2006, Stuttgart.
      E-mail: fovus@...-stuttgart.de
      Web site: http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/fovus/index_en.htm
      * Segundo Congreso Internacional de Transporte Sustentable
      The Embarque-led Centro de Transporte Sustentable (CTS) from México will
      co-organize an event together with GTZ SUTP LAC on October 16-18, 2006, on
      sustainable Transport. More info will be delivered through this website, or
      can be seen in http://www.cts-ceiba.org/congreso2/ (Spanish website)
      * Velo-city 2007 in Munich
      The goal of Velo-city 2007 in Munich is to create an international
      communication platform for decision makers in the economic, political and
      administrative arena for the successful promotion of bicycle transport in
      daily and leisure travel. Simultaneously, we want to reach out to the
      cyclists, the citizens of the City of Munich.
      Date & Venue: 12th-15th June, 2007, Gastelg Convention Centre.
      Registration: info@...
      Web site: www.velo-city2007.com
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