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het Funen in Amsterdam: new carfree zone

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  • Todd Edelman
    re: http://www.cie.nl/Pages/proj-pages/housing/9901_Funen/9901%20doc.%20bl.%20funen%20ENG.pdf ... to both the traditional closed urban block and to the more
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2006

      on Carfree_Network list Pascal wrote:
      > New in Amsterdam...A hybrid urban concept was developed, with reference
      to >both the traditional closed urban block and to the more open
      courtyard >developments. Other references were German 'Siedlungen' and
      English Garden >Cities, with buildings set in pastoral surroundings
      while still manifesting
      >Amsterdam's inner-city compactness..."


      WHAT can we learn from this?

      I like idea of business part of development blocking some of railway
      sound, because EVERYONE I know does not like that a metro is underground

      Is that a promenade on the water side, or a street? If the latter, a
      missed opportunity for little ones to easily wet their feet

      They have 400 parking spaces underground, for 565 ones above for living;
      which is nice if you live there I suppose, but when the cars venture out
      they cannot be so forgiving

      The office on the water part, if it's on the southern side, would make a
      late autumn or early spring sun sad, because all the children it would

      Can we do better? I think so, and this List is a nice place for sharing...
      But if we want Amsterdam to stay above water, we're gonna have to be more

      - T


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