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  • Steve Melia
    (from: www.britishmotorshow.co.uk/content.asp?PageID=250) Half (47%) of all car owners in the UK talk to their motors on a regular basis, according to research
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2006
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      (from: www.britishmotorshow.co.uk/content.asp?PageID=250)

      Half (47%) of all car owners in the UK talk to their motors on a
      regular basis, according to research released today by The British
      International Motor Show. The survey found half of drivers on the
      road regularly congratulate their cars on a job well done, give
      words of encouragement ahead of a long journey and even discuss
      problems with them.

      The survey, which polled 2000 car owners on their relationship with
      cars, also found a third (40%) believe their car has a personality
      and is capable of being upset whilst one in five (19%) worry about
      how their car is feeling.

      Women are even more personal with their motors than men, with half
      of UK women (48%) believing their car has a distinct personality
      compared to just a third (37%) of men, with one in five women (20%)
      having a pet name for their beloved car but not their partners.

      Kirsty Adams, Show organiser of The British International Motor Show
      said, "We know that Brits are passionate about their cars, and it's
      great to see that the bond is so deep. At the new-look British
      International Motor Show in London this summer we are creating a
      great day out with something for everyone, and hopefully providing a
      focus for all this love!"

      The research also looked at how we feel about our cars across the

      • People in the South West worry most about their car's feelings,
      with well over a third (36%) admitting to worrying compared to just
      15% in the Midlands.

      • Car personalities are strongest in the North East where over two
      thirds (68%) believe their car has a personality, compared to just a
      quarter (28%) in Wales.

      • More people chat happily to their cars in the South West than
      anywhere else in the country, with over half (54%) enjoying a good
      natter to their motor, compared to the silent types in Scotland
      where only a quarter (26%) indulge.

      • In East Anglia, half of all cars on the road have pet names, the
      highest in the country, compared to the lowest in the South East

      The British International Motor Show, in partnership with Lloyds TSB
      Insurance, is a spectacular two-week celebration of cars and
      motoring and will be returning to London for the first time in 30
      years on July 20. It will be bursting with brand new, exciting
      features with something for everyone from car enthusiasts to
      families alike.

      All the biggest brand names in motoring will be there, with world-
      first launches, celebrity appearances, the excitement of car
      handling demonstrations and much more.

      With the Show open late most evenings, you will be able to dine and
      drink al fresco at the Waterside Cafés, relax and soak up the
      atmosphere of the live outdoor evening rock and pop concerts, and
      take in the exciting powerboat and jet-ski action on the water.

      Tickets are on sale now, starting at just £8. For more information
      about the Show or to book tickets visit www.britishmotorshow.co.uk
      or call 0870 060 0245.
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