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Tourism in the carfree ctiy

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  • Todd J. Binkley
    Mark, ... tourism ... tourism ... desirable to some extent, but ... Good point. ... Me neither. Paris is tourist magnet, however, and I wouldn t mind living
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2000

      You wrote:

      >If the carfree city will be as nice a place as we all believe, won't
      >be expected, problems or not? For this reason and others, perhaps
      >should not be encouraged. I know that "getting the word out" is
      desirable to some extent, but
      >we just need to fully analyze the effects.

      Good point.

      >I for one, don't want to live in a "tourist trap"....

      Me neither. Paris is tourist magnet, however, and I wouldn't mind
      living there. Parisians have come up with some fine ways of dealing
      with their tourism 'problem': Travellers, who visit Paris to experience
      French culture (arts, architecture, cuisine, wine, whatever) are
      embraced... with fine service, stimulating conversation (si vous parler
      francais), and helpful advice. Boorish, bloated, 'free-range tourists',
      on the other hand; who seem only to be interested in blocking others
      paths, while taking thousands of snapshots (or worse, videos) of
      everything they haven't experienced; who are oblivious to acceptable
      conversation levels in quiet restaurants; who only have three hours to
      'do Paris', before they're back on the bus for the next stop on their
      'seventeen-countries-in-five-days' tour; ....these folks are often given
      deliberately bad service, denied helpful advice ('Desolee, je ne parle
      pas anglais') cheerfully insulted, or, if they're lucky, simply ignored.

      I used to get alot of oafish tourists in a restaurant I had a few years
      ago here in Ventura. My strategy: be nice to them just long enough to
      lighten their wallets a bit, then discreetly urge them to move on to the
      next pasture. ;^]

      Best wishes,

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