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RE: [carfree_network] Infrastructure vs Economics...citizens, movement

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  • Carlos F. Pardo SUTP
    I think Mockus s ideas were to make the public more active in policy decisions. It s a nice discussion, especially when it is told by Mockus himself. It s a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2006
      I think Mockus's ideas were to make the public more active in policy
      decisions. It's a nice discussion, especially when it is told by Mockus
      himself. It's a pedagogical approach at policy dialogue, rather than
      imposition of different points of view (good or bad). He accomplished a lot
      in his first term (by means of citizen culture) and all this was wonderfully
      complemented by Peñalosa after this (it was during this time that BRT,
      cycleways and urban renovation took place). Luckily, Mockus was mayor again
      and took Peñalosa's transformation into account, and that is Bogotá today.

      There's some very good books on this, some of which are only available in
      Spanish. I think actually Peñalosa was writing something about his term as a
      mayor, but I haven't heard of it being published.

      Best regards,

      Carlos F. Pardo
      Ps: Mockus's terms as mayor were 1995-1997, 2001-2003. In between
      (1998-2000) was Peñalosa and his famous urban transformation.

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      The citizens are who can change the cities
      nor the politics, the citizens should change
      his behavior; don’t let the politics destroy
      his city. These are the some ideas used by
      Antanas Mokus, to change successful Bogota,
      when he was the Major 15 years ago.

      Dr Ricardo Montezuma, Director of Humane City
      Foundation, said the last in the presentation
      of Plan to used bicycles in Leon, Gto,
      Mexico, last week. (That is what I’m understand)

      Mokus, philosopher and ex-director of National
      University of Colombia, also do a citizen culture
      program. In Bogata spend
      $ 500 millions US dollars in metro-bus,
      side walks, bicycle paths and the city change
      disminesh more than 50% people kill in delictive
      acts and 50% less people died in vial accident

      > I am sending this report to some politicians in
      Ottawa and to the Ontario Premier

      Each city and country is different,
      in Paris and some other European, USA cities
      there are a strong citizen movements and a good
      cities, and there are also “authentic”
      democratic authorities that take care of his citizen

      And some governments that don’t take into
      account his citizens and destroy his cities:
      San Luis Potosi, Mexico City and Toronto

      Citizens are the hearth and body of the

      “movements” you recently write about

      Agustin G Villegas


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