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Automobile (and public transport) adverstising and marketing

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    Hi everyone... I was originally just going to post this to the Carfree_Network list as research for a project World Carfree Network might start relating to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2006
      Hi everyone...

      I was originally just going to post this to the Carfree_Network list as research for a project World Carfree Network might start relating to auto adverts, but I hope it is worth a few crosspostings to make sure everyone gets the message. I am very curious to know what automobile ads etc are like in South Asia and Asia-Pacific regions... and what kinds of new positive campaigns public and non-motorised transport people are planning...

      Following are some stories on automobile adverts....

      Some parents seems to adverse to direct targeting of children in ads, but all this means is that the automobile-industrial complex* will just use more subtle ways to reach who they want to reach. Otherwise, the car companies are using more Internet and more product placement. Scary... but hopefully this gives us some ideas. I think parents, for example, will respond really well to a positive campaign about bikes, walking, kids taking public transport together in the rain, playing in the street...


      (Could people let me know OFFLIST
      if you have a problem reading the text,
      if the text wrapping is wrong, etc. Thanks.)

      * "Automobile-industrial complex" is based on the term "Military-industrial complex" from U.S. General/President Dwight D. Eisenhower, which was meant as a warning that the military weapons industry would determine direction of politics etc...


      Automobile retailers turn to Internet

      Automakers open wallets to event sponsorship

      Kermit and Ford
      Ford and Chrysler
      Super Bowl car commercials fall flat

      New movie pairs Chrysler with Ford -- Harrison, that is

      Lexus leads way on interactive marketing


      Note that a movie like "Firewall" and any other movie with cars featuring as actors (!) will be officially released worldwide - beyond where the car is sold - and of course also available on both legal and illegal DVDs indefinately.

      I appreciate that an advert industry mag is critical of it, but it makes me sad that Kermit the Frog "Its not easy being green" http://lyricsplayground.com/alpha/songs/i/itsnoteasybeinggreen.shtml is used to promote Ford products. (That song is well known at least by many millions in North America). Here is more on that,

      Ford: Now it's easy being green -
      Pricey TV ad shows off hybrid SUV

      The TV advert itself (turn sound on)


      As I think have mentioned before, automobile imagery is actually also being used to promote public transit/transport:

      1 - The new Skoda Transportation (not Skoda Auto, which is owned by VW) trams for Prague and Wroclaw (PL) have an exterior designed by Porsche Design Studio, which is in fact not part of Porsche Auto (they just license the name). In Prague more than a year ago, there was a contest in a Czech newspaper related to getting public opinion of the design, and the prize was... a free Porsche for a weekend with a free tank of petrol!

      A couple of weeks ago, when the prototype tram was on the street for the first time, the same newspaper said "Now, everyone can have their own Porsche!". A friend here - also an anti-car activist - thought it was actually made by Porsche Auto - and I am sure many others are confused.

      2 - OeBB (Austrian National Railways) had a TV spot recently which showed close-ups - from inside and outside - of a man polishing, etc what seemed to be a red sportscar... but then the spot ended with a surprise! That the vehicle was actually their new Bombardier Talent regional trains!


      Finally, something positive: SJ (Swedish railways) did this ad on a field across the highway from an airport runway, so people on the planes which just took off could see how much cheaper it was to travel by train:

      ...and, for those who missed it, this is advert from UITP and UNEP from about a year ago (same time Kyoto Protocol came into force):


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