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cft: Editorial: Irritation / Re: [carfree_cities] Carfree Times #41

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  • Colin Leath
    (David, Gus, see the bottom!) Joel, I know your editorial wasn t a call for encouraging quips. . . or maybe it was. I don t consider myself as strong as those
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 3, 2006
      (David, Gus, see the bottom!)
      I know your editorial wasn't a call for encouraging quips. . . or maybe it was.

      I don't consider myself as strong as those of you who can work for
      carfreedom full time. (keep that in mind)

      My approach has been to consider the "carfree" as a subculture or as a
      religious group/cult--some of which have done very well by their

      Your focus may be on persuading humanity, across the board, that
      carfree cities are the only way.

      I say: there are already thousands of people who don't need to be
      persuaded. Let's do the best we can for them (us).

      At worst, we may have little enclaves within car-infested cities
      devoid of public transit, or a network of rural carfree
      ecovillages--enclaves that support and make carfree existence more
      pleasant than it already is. Consider the neighborhoods of
      conservative Jews, who all live near their synagogue, and don't use
      cars on Saturday. . .
      There is such a synagogue near San Diego State, and they transform,
      somewhat, what is otherwise a barren, Southern California suburb.

      Maybe thriving enclaves of the carfree won't help us when the rest of
      society self-destructs because of their choices. . .

      Consider the possibility that the car-centric cities and individuals
      won't all self-destruct, that they are / will only become
      significantly less vital than communities and individuals that are

      Here is the quote that came to mind after reading your editorial, the
      second quote, not the first:

      "Daniel left us with two quotes from Mr. McKibben which I will include
      here to give you the feel for the importance of City Repair:

      "The most important work to be done towards sustainability right now
      is to help people realize that they are part of something larger than
      themselves--that their actions affect the environmental economic, and
      social welfare of others."


      "The only way to subvert people is to have more fun than they do."

      (Still to be found at
      http://www.cityrepair.org/organization.html )

      On a different topic,
      If David Ceaser or Gus Yates are reading this, why haven't they announced
      http://carfreecity.us/news.html#study ?
      (I don't see this mentioned on any of the lists--it seems to be a
      significant accomplishment! Maybe I just missed it.)

      CarFree City, USA has just released a groundbreaking study on the
      economic benefits of CarFree development. From the research that has
      been done to date, savings would be around $915 million on a CarFree
      development for 12,000 people. Read more about our study and take a
      look at the presentation here:


      Colin Leath

      Some of you might enjoy my draft of a satire pesticide ad:


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