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GOOD news from Brussels re: External costs

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  • Todd Edelman
    Pay your fair share, Mr Truck! from: CER: vote on Eurovignette sign of political courage 15 November
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2005
      Pay your fair share, Mr Truck!

      from: <http://www.cer.be/files/Eurovignette_PR-100752A.pdf>

      "CER: vote on Eurovignette sign of political courage
      15 November 2005

      The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER)
      applauds the political leadership of the European Parliament’s Transport
      Committee on the vote it took on Monday evening on amending the legal
      framework for road tolls on trucks – the Eurovignette Directive.
      Although there are several positive elements of the agreement, it is the decision
      on external costs that is of real significance to European transport policy. In
      short, a Member State wishing to apply the ‘user pays principle’ to follow the
      Swiss example and charge different modes for their external costs now has a
      clear perspective: if values have not been agreed at the European level within 3
      years, external costs can be set as a defined percentage of infrastructure costs

      “The TRAN Committee has shown clear political courage”, says Johannes
      Ludewig, CER’s Executive Director. “We await the decision of the plenary of the
      European Parliament and the conciliation with Council with interest, but if
      maintained, this decision secures a much more positive future for rail freight
      over long distances across Europe.”

      CER, on behalf of the European railway community, is extremely grateful to the
      Members of the Parliament’s TRAN Committee for having taken on board the
      arguments leading to the first ever fair treatment for rail and road in terms of
      political framework conditions in Europe. This way, both modes can contribute
      to the shaping of a stable and sustainable transport system for the future."

      As I understand this, the partial internalisation of costs is not mandated but just permissable. So it is still up to the individual states to apply "user pays", which means that the governments might need some pushing - or a lot of pushing - from the citizens

      - Todd, Green Idea Factory

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