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Re: [carfree_cities] There's more stuff to do at home before we go out there

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  • Simon Baddeley
    ... there is a prize for the first non-governmental flight into space. The name escapes me right now but the ... ... but Henning this is exactly what I was
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 27, 2000
      >>because there’s so much to do at home, in the immense polity of human
      >>nature.' Also a chapter in "Governmentality” in Brian Loader (ed.) (1997)
      >>Baddeley, S. The Governance of Cyberspace (London:Routledge) (5) 64-96

      there is a prize for the first non-governmental flight into space. The name
      escapes me right now but the
      >idea is to be able to take two people into space, return them safely to
      >earth and have the entire vehicle ready for launch again in two weeks. (no
      >dumping parts on the way up).

      >Anyway, the major forces in this race, include the major forces in civilian
      >recreational aviation. Today's Wright Brothers, make historic flights every
      >day, you just don't hear about them. Don't forget that the early astronauts
      >were pilots first. Again, I agree that we need to look at our commuter
      >airplane usage, just remember there are other airport users out there too.

      ... but Henning this is exactly what I was trying to say. I would love to do
      a recreational flight into space but I wouldn't on the grounds that it is

      I have a Puritan streak. There's so much work to do down here that space
      flight except for the professionals - and even they should be struggling for
      resources because our main allocation of expenditures should be righting
      ourselves and our environmentally feckless earthbound societies - is out.

      I value space flight for the information it affords us about the state of
      the earth but for me to go into space would be an indulgence. Mind you I'm
      also human and I accept that were the offer made to me I wouldn't refuse. It
      would be the most incredible of experiences - which is why I felt a lump in
      my throat when I was writing that paragraph for the beauty and wonder of
      what I was turning away from to enjoin attention to the earth.

      So my point is that I would like serious consideration given to alternative
      forms of air transportation such as airships and to the use of ocean liners
      for commerce. The statistics on the effects of current forms of air travel
      suggest that once the car is tamed airplanes will become far more prominent
      examples of eco-unfriendly technology and I see no obvious reason why we
      shouldn't even now be speculating about how they might be repalced. If
      alternative and eco-friendly fuel sources for airplanes can be found then
      fine ... and again I would be the first to tingle with the excitement of my
      first air journey many years ago and the particular smell of aviation fuel
      that hangs around a great airport and I still get excited by that on even
      the most routine of flights.

      There are good things about carfree but there are things individuals will
      need to abandon. I went on a car tour about 3 years ago in southern Greece
      and as we motored along empty roads in an air-conditioned car in the midday
      heat among olive groves and sun drenched rocks with vistas of blue sea I
      recalled the joys of motor touring that I enjoyed in my childhood. That's
      impossible in the UK except in the car ads. If the roads were clear and went
      on for ever as in some parts of the world they still seem to I'd be out
      there in my car - as selfish as anyone. As it is I recover some of those
      pleasures on my bicycle.
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