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Dutch vs European kids' play habits

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  • kiwehtin
    An interesting short article in the Dutch paper Algemeen Dagblad today reports the results of a survey of European children s play habits. The main points:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2005
      An interesting short article in the Dutch paper Algemeen Dagblad
      today reports the results of a survey of European children's play

      The main points:

      Duracell carried out a survey, in 9 European countries, of 900
      children between 5 and 10 years old and about 900 adults to learn
      about the children's play habits. (Important to know this kind of
      thing for understanding the battery market, I suppose -- Cm)

      41% of Dutch kids prefer playing outside compared to the European
      average of 21 percent. And whereas 27% of European kids choose to
      play with toys, the Dutch figure is 15%.

      According to the study's result's, nearly all Dutch parents encourage
      their kids to play outside as well (as inside, I guess), and only 2%
      of Dutch children say their parents don't allow them to play outside,
      compared to a European average of 21%.

      One unique characteristic of Dutch children the researchers noted was
      that 65 percent named "the street" as a place where they play. This
      compared to an European average of 23 percent.

      Otherwise, the Dutch kids aren't much different from their other
      European agemates: they also like computer games and watching TV.

      The original article is accompanied by a photo of two young kids
      kicking scooters along a brown brick-paved street.

      Without knowing precisely where the samples came from in each country
      (cities? rural towns and villages?), I can't help thinking these
      results must have some connection with the relatively strong bike-
      and street-culture in the Netherlands. I wonder what the results
      might have been in Denmark (apparently it isn't one of the countries
      included in the survey)?

      A link to the article (in Dutch):


      About the Duracell toy survey:


      I haven't been able to find the detailed results of the actual survey
      on the Duracell site, unfortunately.... There is a link to the 2004
      survey, though, which contains idividual country surveys:


      Click on a country's name on the left and the resulting page has a
      link at the top right of the page to "View Market Report". This is
      the only way to compare figures country by country, unfortunately.
      However, they do point out for the 2004 survey that North European
      children overall have a greater preference for playing outside
      compared to southern European children.

      Christopher Miller
      Montreal QC Canada
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