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New(er) Orleans: (Not) destroying hope

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  • Todd Edelman
    from: Congressional House Speaker Dennis Hastert angered Gov Blanco by questioning the wisdom of spending
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005

      Congressional House Speaker Dennis Hastert angered Gov
      Blanco by questioning the wisdom of spending billions
      of dollars rebuilding New Orleans below sea level.

      "To kick us when we're down and destroy hope... is
      absolutely unthinkable," Ms Blanco replied...


      I am sure there are more details about this in
      American media.

      We Carfree Cities people cannot "kick" and destroy the
      hope of the people of New Orleans! So, it seems to
      make sense to identify the pre-deluge conditions in
      New Orleans related to mobility and urban design and
      work to address any popularly-perceived deficienies in
      whatever level reconstruction of the city is
      determined to be necessary... by building a carfree
      district for an area inside current New Orleans which
      was damaged so badly that it needs to be completely
      raised (building on existing (?) "Carfree mixed use
      area served by a streetcar line" listed at "Carfree
      Places" in Carfree Cities website), or, better yet,
      and concurrently, see who in New Orleans wants to live
      in a carfree area outside of the flood zone (connected
      to "old town" by a smart rail link, of course).

      If we think "popularly-perceived deficiencies" needs
      to be addressed, it needs to be managed by a local
      partner in an educational campaign, and possibly
      including things like a kind of hybrid townhall
      meeting-conference "Reimagining a better, safer New
      Orleans"... a mass-maquette building session would
      make great television, especially if it involves flood

      Ultimately, it has to be a choice to live in a carfree
      area, and not seen as dictated by Federal govt. under
      cost-saving measures, no matter how smart we think
      they are.

      Todd Edelman,
      Green Idea Factory

      Extra, related info: A requirement I believe for the
      repairs following the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in
      California was that anything rebuilt with Federal
      funds had to be fully ADA-compliant, even if it wasnt
      that way before the earthquake

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