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Carfree Area Pilot Project in London? + Carfree post-Olympic villages?

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  • Todd Edelman
    Hi, As many of you know a huge transformation is planned for East London, and not just related to the 2012 Summer Olympics. The following link from the BBC
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2005

      As many of you know a huge transformation is planned
      for East London, and not just related to the 2012
      Summer Olympics.

      The following link from the BBC website has an
      overview of what is planned; I am sure many
      listmembers know the details and have their own
      opinions... please share them in a way that
      contributes constructively to the World Carfree
      Network Carfree Area Pilot Project (CAPP?) discussion.

      Send offlist comments to <info@...>

      From what I can tell the Thames Gateway area
      development plan is not so far along... aside from a
      very controversial bridge over the river, which will
      create automobile traffic. BUT there are a large
      number of brownfield areas in the area... among other
      things a "CAPP" here would be provide a useful
      contrast to its "carventional" (car + conventional)
      neighbours, many of which will also be newly-built.


      Please also check out the links listed on the right
      side of the page about the windfarm and the
      aforementioned Gateway Bridge.

      Todd Edelman,
      Green Idea Factory,
      On the Train Towards the Future!,


      Extra idea: Make International Olympic Committee make
      it a requirement to build a mixed-use carfree quarter
      (or one that can easily be that in post-Olympics
      use)which is well served by public and non-motorised
      transport networks in every "Olympic Village" that is
      built. It becomes permanment, with little chance of
      being underutilised afterwards, like many
      Olympics-induced developments. Too optimistic?
      Perhaps, but even the Football World Cup in Germany in
      2006 apparently has environmental goals:



      2006 Winter Olympics



      2008 Summer Olympics

      The following is excerpted from:

      "...The residential area of the village will consist
      of 22 six-floor buildings and 20 nine-floor buildings,
      as well as a clinic, restaurants, a library, a
      recreation centre, gyms, swimming pools, tennis
      courts, basketball courts and jogging tracks. The
      International area of the village will be used for the
      NOC team welcome ceremonies and for other reception

      Environmentally Friendly
      The Beijing Olympic village will feature some
      environmentally friendly designs and facilities. The
      amount of green space in the residential area of the
      village will be about 40%, rising to 50% for the whole
      of the Olympic village. Some of the lighting in the
      village will use solar power, as will some of the hot
      water production, which will use solar heat collecting
      tube technology. A rain water collecting and reuse
      system will also be installed and all the toilets will
      use water-saving technology.

      Once the Games are over, the village will be taken
      over by a private development company, who will
      remodel the apartments into residential buildings.
      This will ensure that the village continues to serve
      the Beijing community long after the Games are
      finished. The residential project will be on the
      market before the Olympic Games begin..."

      [So... dont know what they are plannning for parking
      since athletes walk or get driven; bigger buildings
      then ideal but much smaller than new ones in other
      parts of Beijing; the clinic, restaurants and library
      surpass what is normally offered in gated residential
      areas, no one will need to drive to a fitness centre
      (!) and perhaps more commercial can be added]


      2010 Winter Olympics


      [I hope Canadians will give us the real story ;-)]

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