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WCN Steering Committee needs YOU!

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  • Todd Edelman
    note: Sorry if this is cross-posting, but it is intended to reach all organisations interested in becoming members of World Carfree Network... another note:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2005
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      note: Sorry if this is cross-posting, but it is
      intended to reach all organisations interested in
      becoming members of World Carfree Network...

      another note: The following must be acted on by 11

      To all World Carfree Network members, provisional
      members, and future members,

      The Steering Committee (SC) of the World Carfree
      Network <www.worldcarfree.net> is looking for from 3
      to 9 new people to join us.

      New SC members will be selected/voted in at our Annual
      General Meeting on 22 July in Budapest, which follows
      the Towards Carfree Cities conference

      !!! Important: Candidates or their organisations DO
      NOT have to be present at the AGM !!!

      SC members come from WCN member organisations
      (including provisional ones). Please read details and
      view current SC at:


      Note: Organisations who are planning to join WCN may
      also simultaneously nominate someone from their
      organisation for the SC. Eligibility of candidate is
      of course contingent on the new organisation being
      accepted as a WCN member. To apply for membership,
      please fill out the charter which you can find at
      <http://www.worldcarfree.net/about_us/joining.php> and
      mail to the address listed and also fax immediately
      to: +(420) 274-772-017


      Beyond what the website says, it is beneficial if SC
      members have several of the following qualities and

      - Experience with the larger picture of the carfree
      scene - the context which "Carfree" comes out of
      (government transport policies, the broader
      environmental movement, urban studies, "sustainable
      transport" etc)

      - Creativity, dynamism, readiness to be a conceptual

      - Facilitation skills

      - Willingness to contribute to "online think-tank of
      WCN", the listserve Carfree Cities, hosted by WCN
      Advisory Board member Joel Crawford. See

      - Ability to commit to tasks (and not over commit!)

      - Ability to understand and make oneself understood in
      English (perfect grammar etc definitely not necessary)

      - Diplomatic skills

      - Ready to make tough decisions as necessary

      - Familiarity with construction, energy, non-motorised
      transport or public transport/rail vehicle industries

      Benefits include:

      - Symbolic if not functional status as royalty in
      leading carfree organisation in the known universe

      - Prioritized for funding for travel and
      for Annual General Meeting (AGM), especially if it is
      held on your continent (no guarantees; we are able to
      do it with this year but some SC members contributed
      co-financing). Traditionally, the AGM has been held in
      conjunction with Towards Carfree Cities conference,
      but this might not always be the case.

      - Free pair of headphones with microphone for use with
      Skype! (For telephone conferences, see www.skype.com)


      The first Steering Committee term is just ending, and
      as this was in some ways an experiment, the following
      may be redefined/changed at the AGM in Budapest:

      - Term of office. In statutes it is one year. It has
      been suggested this should be changed to two years,
      and possibly with overlap of new and old members.

      - Number of SC members. 13 is listed as maximum, but
      this might be reduced, as bringing so many people to
      AGM (from all over the world) is quite expensive.

      - Time commitment. It is now at least 4 to 6 hours a


      I have proposed that all WCN members should be
      required to participate in proposed new WCN committees
      (membership, publications, development, etc). These
      would not be voting or governing positions, just
      discussion groups which would make recommendations to
      Steering Committee.

      The current SC has a good gender-balance, and Europe
      is well represented by it, but being European does not
      disqualify you from joining us. New SC members from
      existing and provisional WCN members from Africa, the
      Middle East, Asia/Pacific, North America and
      Spanish-speaking South America are especially
      encouraged to join!


      Potential candidates should send a short bio (see SC
      webpage for examples) and colour photo (JPEG file,
      72dpi) in a ZIP file to Steering Committee member
      Giselle Xavier at <gisellexavier@...>, no
      later than 11 July. Again, candidates can come from
      existing WCN members and provisional/new members (if
      you have not yet sent in your form to ICC in Prague,
      please indicate to Giselle that your organisation is
      intending to join WCN)

      Bios and photos will be posted at public location at
      site of TCFC in Budapest. Those that are sent in
      immediately should be posted on WCN website, but this
      will be difficult to guarantee the closer it gets to


      The first term of the first Steering Committee was
      indeed a challenge, with some good work done and many
      lessons learnt. Help us continue this evolution with
      your wonderful and energetic presence!

      It is my personal intention to increase communication
      between SC and WCN members, in order to make us more
      familiar with and supportive of each other. The WCN
      committees proposal could be part of that.

      You may direct general enquiries to this list, but
      please send bios and photo only to Giselle Xavier at

      Kind regards,
      Todd Edelman,
      Steering Committee,
      World Carfree Network

      from WCN member
      Cycling and Energy Futures
      and Provisional WCN member
      Green Idea Factory


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