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Re: [carfree_cities] Re: NYT op-ed about Amtrak

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    Yes! Turning highways into railways! I like that. Todd
    Message 1 of 12 , Feb 24, 2005
      Yes! Turning highways into railways! I like that.

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      > Předmět: [carfree_cities] Re: NYT op-ed about Amtrak
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      > > > I don't think you can reliably run a tight rail operation without
      > > > this kind of one-point final responsibility for everything that
      > > > happens. Otherwise its lousy service and plenty of work for
      > > > lawyers.
      > >
      > > Then what you are basically proposing is to take over ownership of
      > > the rail line outright. Certainly not a bad idea, but politically
      > > and legally very difficult.
      > A national transit system would be wonderful. But, I don't see it
      > happening right now. However, it is possible to implement small
      > steps in that direction. Sooner or later an energy crisis will force
      > a paradigm shift in transportation. Currently the public thinks of
      > highways as infrastructure, something that benefits everyone. Rail
      > is perceived as only used by "others." The truth is using "public
      > transit" means traveling on private property. By separating the
      > infrastructure (I am intentionally using this word repeatedly) from
      > operations you frame the debate in such a way as to shape a new
      > paradigm when oil prices begin to skyrocket. Unlike, the situation
      > in Britain, where privatization was used to separate and divide for
      > the sake of competition, I am suggesting that the infrastructure be
      > consolidated. As a comprise to any that would bring up political
      > ideology objections to the government owning property the
      > infrastructure is open to entrepreneurial investment. It brings the
      > rail network under the same ownership as the road network, making it
      > much easier to turn roadways into railways, when the raising oil
      > prices create the political will to do so.
      > > The only other alternative is to build new ROW, perhaps paralleling
      > > the existing lines. That could only be justified in place with very
      > > high frequency (i.e. not the kinds of places Amtrak tends to
      > > operate). Again, not a bad idea either, but it is incredibly
      > > expensive.
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