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Re: [carfree_cities] Jeremy Clarkson's take on "speed"

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  • CEB
    Thanks, Simon! I need more writing and other talismen (talismans?) to put under my pillow so I can look at them or read them in the middle of the night - or
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2005
      Thanks, Simon! I need more writing and other talismen (talismans?) to put under my pillow so I can look at them or read them in the middle of the night - or during power naps!!! - um....ooops.... when the Siren Song of the Cult of Mobility has penetrated too far!

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      > Předmět: [carfree_cities] Jeremy Clarkson's take on "speed"
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      > .... but how about this headline - łBritain actually in love with speed
      > camerasš, new survey shows at:
      > http://www.transport2000.org.uk/news/maintainNewsArticles.asp?NewsArticleID=
      > 157
      > In trying to refute "all this nonsense about speed" Jeremy Clarkson
      > presented the łbig picture that: "Speed is useful. Speed means we can get
      > where we're going quicker, which means we can see more, do more and learn
      > more. Speed makes us cleverer. Speed also means we can leave work later and
      > get home sooner so it makes us richer, and our families more stable. Speed
      > means we can have a more varied diet because we can have fresher produce
      > from further afield every day in our local shop. Speed therefore makes us
      > healthier. Speed means we can expand our horizons. It means we can explore
      > strange new worlds and new civilisations, even Bermuda! This gives us a
      > better understanding of the world and its peoples, and that makes us more
      > tolerant. Speed brings peace. Most of all, though; speed is fun. Watch the
      > face of a toddler on a garden swing as you push them higher and faster. It's
      > a face that screams 'I am enjoying myself'. And you'll see the same face on
      > a man whose pushing his 360 to the limit on his favourite piece of black
      > top. Speed then is both the face of civilisation and the core of our inner
      > primeval being. Speed is
      > everything."
      > Clarkson has hi-jacked human pleasure at speed to make a flimsy case for the
      > flesh maiming speedophiles of this world referring to "we" - a pronoun
      > kidnapping habit criticised by Tonto, after the Lone Ranger observed "we're
      > surrounded by Indians" and T said "Who's 'we" white man". A certain type of
      > motorist is forever saying "we" as though "we" included me and you and
      > everyone.
      > Clarkson's selects a child's glee on a human-powered swing to justify going
      > vroom-vroom in a Ł20k metal box between traffic jams. If you want "primeval"
      > watch a hawk stooping from the sun at 100mph or an expert surfing a big one
      > off a Pacific beach. If you want speed combined with hi-tech imagine Ellen
      > McArthur speeding alone through the ice strewn dark of the southern ocean in
      > a catamaran. I love cycling down a long country hill at a wind-in-my-face
      > 35mph after a hard peddle to the summit, or to take up Clarkson's reference
      > to "useful" how about a bright minority speeding, uninterrupted, at 15mph
      > along the Strand past queues of semi-stationery steering wheel tappers.
      > These are the speeds - driven by muscle, lever, wind and wave - that express
      > efficiency, expand horizons, and, as HG Wells observed of people on
      > bicycles, give hope for civilisation. And if it's food-miles that Clarkson's
      > celebrating, try the time it takes to get a wheel barrow of fresh vegetables
      > from an allotment just round the corner compared to the 1000 kilometres of
      > rubber-burned black top it takes to get the average herbicide sprayed
      > selection of veggies to your nearest supermarket.
      > Simon
      > On 6/2/05 3:47 pm, "Custfold@..." <Custfold@...> wrote:
      > > http://channels.aolsvc.co.uk/news/article.adp?id=20050206054709990007
      > >
      > > At present 83% dislike speed cameras, but that could change?
      > >
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