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Jeremy Clarkson's take on "speed"

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  • Simon Baddeley
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      .... but how about this headline - ³Britain actually Œin love with speed
      cameras¹, new survey shows² at:


      In trying to refute "all this nonsense about speed" Jeremy Clarkson
      presented the ³big picture that: "Speed is useful. Speed means we can get
      where we're going quicker, which means we can see more, do more and learn
      more. Speed makes us cleverer. Speed also means we can leave work later and
      get home sooner so it makes us richer, and our families more stable. Speed
      means we can have a more varied diet because we can have fresher produce
      from further afield every day in our local shop. Speed therefore makes us
      healthier. Speed means we can expand our horizons. It means we can explore
      strange new worlds and new civilisations, even Bermuda! This gives us a
      better understanding of the world and its peoples, and that makes us more
      tolerant. Speed brings peace. Most of all, though; speed is fun. Watch the
      face of a toddler on a garden swing as you push them higher and faster. It's
      a face that screams 'I am enjoying myself'. And you'll see the same face on
      a man whose pushing his 360 to the limit on his favourite piece of black
      top. Speed then is both the face of civilisation and the core of our inner
      primeval being. Speed is

      Clarkson has hi-jacked human pleasure at speed to make a flimsy case for the
      flesh maiming speedophiles of this world referring to "we" - a pronoun
      kidnapping habit criticised by Tonto, after the Lone Ranger observed "we're
      surrounded by Indians" and T said "Who's 'we" white man". A certain type of
      motorist is forever saying "we" as though "we" included me and you and

      Clarkson's selects a child's glee on a human-powered swing to justify going
      vroom-vroom in a £20k metal box between traffic jams. If you want "primeval"
      watch a hawk stooping from the sun at 100mph or an expert surfing a big one
      off a Pacific beach. If you want speed combined with hi-tech imagine Ellen
      McArthur speeding alone through the ice strewn dark of the southern ocean in
      a catamaran. I love cycling down a long country hill at a wind-in-my-face
      35mph after a hard peddle to the summit, or to take up Clarkson's reference
      to "useful" how about a bright minority speeding, uninterrupted, at 15mph
      along the Strand past queues of semi-stationery steering wheel tappers.
      These are the speeds - driven by muscle, lever, wind and wave - that express
      efficiency, expand horizons, and, as HG Wells observed of people on
      bicycles, give hope for civilisation. And if it's food-miles that Clarkson's
      celebrating, try the time it takes to get a wheel barrow of fresh vegetables
      from an allotment just round the corner compared to the 1000 kilometres of
      rubber-burned black top it takes to get the average herbicide sprayed
      selection of veggies to your nearest supermarket.


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      > http://channels.aolsvc.co.uk/news/article.adp?id=20050206054709990007
      > At present 83% dislike speed cameras, but that could change?

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