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Re: [carfree_cities] Canada is running its cities into the ground

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  • adolfo restrepo
    hi, I find much truth in the excerpt. I also find usefull some of the work of Gramci, Adorno, Habermas and policy analyst Frank Fisher in helping to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 6, 2005
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      I find much truth in the excerpt. I also find usefull
      some of the work of Gramci, Adorno, Habermas and
      policy analyst Frank Fisher in helping to understand
      the social trends.

      Although the technological contributions in favor of
      mass transit, dense urban structures and non-petro use
      are helpful, they are to certain extent marginal.
      Most of the arguments play into the prevailing
      consumerist discourse and in doing so often become

      All transit infrastructure ventures create social and
      economic winners and losers. Arguments in favor of
      rational transit policy are greatly strenghtened by
      being framed within a social cost and benifit context.
      It is also helpful to factor in ecological
      externalities into feasibility and compartive analysis
      with auto-transit. However, those who feel strongly
      about the rationality of non-auto transit perform the
      greatest service by taking advantage of one of the
      issues with the greatest saliency of the moment. That
      is America's involvement in the War in Iraq.

      Best regards,

      Gustavo Ortiz
      --- "Lanyon, Ryan" <ryan.lanyon@...> wrote:

      > An interesting article linking transportation,
      > corporate profits and public
      > policy from one of our city councillors in Ottawa.
      > http://www.clivedoucet.com/maisoneuve_poet.pdf
      > Excerpt:
      > "It was also through city politics that I came to
      > understand the
      > wrong-headedness of our course. Namely, that city
      > politicians are bullied
      > by corporate wealth that is constantly moving money
      > from a city's centre to
      > its edges in order to underwrite sprawl development.
      > In this way, Ottawa is
      > no different from any other North American city.
      > For fifty years, we've
      > sponsored the most expensive and unsustainable for
      > of urban growth and
      > penalized the least harmful. And I've come to
      > realize that this destructive
      > escalation has nothing to do with a lack of good
      > planning or a lack of
      > knowledge. There are thousands of books available
      > on the impoverishing
      > qualities of strip malls, parking lots, arterials
      > and residential pods.
      > Knowledge isn't the problem, the system is. And as
      > long as a link exists
      > between money and political power, nothing will
      > change for cities."
      > -RL
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