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Re: Public transit driving Montreal economy

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  • Greg Steele
    Good article thank you. I forwarded to the Governer of Pennsylvania. ... will ... back ... Montrealers ... GST ... terms of ... said ... sporting ... Festival
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      Good article thank you. I forwarded to the Governer of Pennsylvania.

      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, Christopher Miller
      <christophermiller@m...> wrote:
      > There is a very interesting story from the December 12 Montreal
      > Gazette. Here is the URL:
      > http://www.canada.com/montreal/montrealgazette/news/story.html?
      > id=54c77724-08e3-465c-9203-8bcc65473382
      > ==================================================
      > Public transit system helps drive Montreal's economy, study says
      > Network saved public $570 million; Board of Trade, Transit Corp.
      > lobby provincial and federal governments for cash
      > The Gazette
      > Sunday, December 12, 2004
      > A strong public transit system is essential for the economic
      > development of Montreal, a new Board of Trade study concludes.
      > For every $100 of investment, the two levels of government get
      > $145 in the form of consumer taxes and salary taxes, the study says.
      > According to the report, which examined data from 2003,
      > saved a collective $570 million by using public transit that year.
      > These savings resulted in increased purchasing power and additional
      > and PST revenue to the governments.
      > Moving people efficiently from the residential sectors to the
      > employment cores is also key.
      > "Public transit is important for Montreal to be competitive in
      terms of
      > attracting new industry," Board of Trade president Benoit Labonte
      > Friday. "Public transit reduces travel costs, pollution and road
      > accidents. Public transit contributes to the success of our
      > and cultural events. Try to imagine the Grand Prix or the Jazz
      > without public transit," Labonte said.
      > It is also a major contributor to Montreal's economy. In 2003,
      > transit provided almost 13,000 jobs and operating expenditures of
      > billion.
      > The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal produced the study on
      > economic impact of the bus, metro and train system serving the
      > Montreal area in collaboration with SECOR consulting and with
      > from the Agence metropolitain de transport and the Montreal
      > Corp..
      > They will use the facts and figures to lobby the provincial and
      > governments to pump more money into Montreal's underfunded transit
      > system.
      > "Good transit needs sources of revenue and more than 1.2 million
      > use the transit system every day," said Claude Dauphin, Montreal
      > executive committee member in charge of transportation.
      > "Eighty-seven per cent of transit fees are covered by the users and
      > per cent by the government," Labonte said. "We're looking for a
      > government investment from the two levels of government.
      > "Public transit is clearly an investment and not an expense for
      > governments."
      > asutherland@t...
      > © The Gazette (Montreal) 2004
      > Christopher Miller
      > Mount Rainier, Maryland/Washington DC
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