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Re: Salon.com article on PRT.

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  • kenavidor
    Ben Martin said: There s an article on Salon.com about PRT. It s pretty much precisely a press release from Taxi 2000, complete with the misstatements and a
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 20, 2004
      Ben Martin said:

      There's an article on Salon.com about PRT. It's pretty much precisely a
      press release from Taxi 2000, complete with the misstatements and a
      failure to look at the significant down-sides of PRT.

      It has got to be the worst puff piece ever about PRT...and the reporter
      interviewed me for that article!!! I remember during the interview feeling like I
      had just murdered the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. She actually asked,
      "How can you be against PRT when it is so environmental?"

      This article is a part of media barrage designed to soften up the Minnesota
      Legislature and City officials in Saint Paul and Minneapolis who will be
      considering expanding light rail, commuter rail and trollies.

      Also Tom Delay has been in the news promoting "advanced transit" over light
      rail which he considers "old technology". Gadgetbahnen is clearly Tom
      Delay's stalking horse for highways...he also wants to "streamline" the
      environmental procedures for highway construction.

      That Salon.com article may actually be a good thing. There's a discussion on
      the article on Slashdot. It seems the gee whiz tone of the article rubbed many
      skeptics the wrong way.

      I read some of the Slashdot posts on PRT and learned some interesting stuff. I
      learned that there was a French PRT system called "Aramis". The research
      into Aramis went on for many years, wasting lots of francs and failed in test
      after test. Someone in the French government pulled the plug on it in the
      eighties. :


      Another thing I read on Slashdot is that ULTra is powered by batteries.


      Learn more about the PRT scam:






      Ken Avidor
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