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RE: [carfree_cities] Gadgetbahn Vs Real Transit .

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  • Andrew Dawson
    ... One thing about these PRT schemes that get s me is if some body seriously wants to develop some thing why not start in Chicago with what remains of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 5, 2004
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      Ken Avidor wrote:
      >In the last session of the Minnesota legislature, transit opponents, mostly
      >right-wing Republicans used PRT bills and other monkey wrenches to block
      >funding for the Northstar Commuter rail line. Now, they want to try it
      >Representative Mark Olson in a recent article:
      >"Rep. Mark Olson, R-Big Lake, said there were three attempts made to take
      >personal rapid transit out of the bonding bill and add the Northstar
      >rail instead."
      >I wish I could say that this gadgetbahn stuff is a sneaky Republican dirty
      >(Tom Delay is a supporter of "advanced transit") but major PRT boosters in
      >Minnesota include Dean Zimmermann, a celebrated Green Party office
      >holder and David Morris of the Institute for Local Self Reliance (Morris is
      >the advisory Board of Taxi 2000).
      >In America, the building of highways gutted and carved up the cities.
      >highways also grew the car-dependent suburbs. The last two elections
      >showed that the sprawling suburbs are the base of right-wing Republican
      >support. Even in the "red states", there are spots of blue, mostly cities
      >people still have the option of not depending on their cars. A lot of
      >these cities
      >are in the cross-hairs of the highway builders.
      >It's not as easy to build highways like Robert Moses did in the post WWII
      >so the highway builders have learned to use tricks. PRT and other
      >gadgetbahn ideas are effective monkey wrenches that cripple real transit
      >projects and allow highway expansion to proceed unopposed.
      >"Progressives" who support PRT and other gadgetbahn ideas are helping the
      >highway builders who in turn are building the car-dependent, right-wing
      >for Bush and his oily friends.
      >Learn more about the PRT scam:

      One thing about these PRT schemes that get's me is if some body seriously
      wants to develop some thing why not start in Chicago with what remains of
      the Chicago Tunnel Company!

      Till later, Andrew Dawson

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