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Help improve the List of Carfree Places

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  • Erik Rauch
    The List of Carfree Places is now a collaborative online project. Anyone can contribute, modify or delete entries. It s part of the Wikipedia project, a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2004
      The List of Carfree Places is now a collaborative online project.
      Anyone can contribute, modify or delete entries. It's part of the
      Wikipedia project, a collaborative online encyclopedia. The English
      version is already the largest encyclopedia ever. You might think that
      allowing anyone to edit any article would lead to problems, but the
      whole thing seems to regulate itself: changes which are biased or
      destructive are generally noticed and undone by other users.

      The list is at:

      This replaces the list at carfree.com. The Wikipedia guidelines
      encourage users to "be bold in updating". If there is an entry that
      clearly should be added or removed, by all means, go ahead and do it.
      If there is something you're not sure should be changed, then post a
      message on the "Discussion" page (link at the top of the page); if no
      one objects after a few days, make the change.

      There are thousands of carfree places around the world, so to be
      included, a place should either be unusual for its country or region,
      or make up a sizable fraction of a city, town, or island. A number of
      entries already there don't meet this criterion, especially carfree
      zones of old towns of European cities which are unremarkable in size.
      Please delete entries which you know to be unremarkable.

      Adding or modifying an entry is easy. Supposing you wanted to add the
      town of Hahnenklee-Bockswiese in Germany. On the article page, click
      the tab "edit this page" at the top. In the editing box, find the
      section marked "===Germany===". At the end of this section (before the
      "|}"), add two lines line like:

      |[[name of town]]|| extent of carfree area || population of carfree
      area || description

      The second line is just a pipe | and a dash. So:

      |[[Hahnenklee-Bockswiese]]|| Entire town || 2,500 || Town in the Harz
      mountain area

      More information is on the discussion page:
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:List_of_carfree_places . If you have
      problems or need help, let me know.

      You also may want to have a look at the article on "Auto-free zones" -
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto-free_zone . The purpose of this is
      not to list carfree areas, but to give representative examples of
      different types, so please do not add examples here unless they are
      illustrative of some concept or region.

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