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RE: pqrr: More, Boston-Montreal train service

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  • Ronald Dawson
    Now this would be fantastic! ... Getting access to the US federal highway slush fund would be great! ... River ... [Could this actually be building
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2000
      Now this would be fantastic!
      Mr.Burridge wrote:
      >Apr. 06, 2000 (States via COMTEX) via NewsEdge Corporation - WASHINGTON,
      >April 5 - A plan to extend high-speed train service from Boston to
      >that could cut in half commute times for New Hampshire and Vermont
      >who drive to Boston is being pushed by New England lawmakers. The
      >legislators, including Massachusetts Gov. Paul Cellucci and both of the
      >state's US senators, want to extend the 110 mile-per-hour train service
      >already planned between Boston and New York, through Lowell, Nashua,
      >Manchester, Concord, Montpelier, Burlington, to Montreal. An April 4
      >from Vermont Senator Jim M. Jeffords to President Clinton and US
      >Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater argued that the heavily-populated
      >area has become congested, and urged them to upgrade tracks along the
      >330-mile stretch between Boston and Montreal with federal highway funds.

      Getting access to the US federal "highway slush fund" would be great!

      >"Our population density and a 150 percent increase in travel throughout
      >England has combined to overwhelm traditional modes of transportation in
      >region," the letter said. The rail would also allow passengers to use the
      >Manchester airport as an alternative to Logan Airport. "Boston's Logan
      >Airport, the hub of the region's air traffic and one of the main gateways
      >for travelers to northern New England, is among the nation's busiest,"
      >letter said. The proposed extension would allow residents in southern New
      >Hampshire to cut their driving commute times to downtown Boston -- about
      >four hours -- down to two hours, said Jeffords' legislative director Ken
      >Connolly. Passengers would be able to reach Montreal in three hours.
      >is currently no passenger train service between Massachusetts and Canada.
      >The project would cost roughly $500 million, paid under 1998 legislation
      >calling for the expansion of high-speed rail service around the country.
      >project would entail [re]building new tracks between Concord and White
      >Junction, Vermont, a stretch that currently lacks any service. "High
      >rail service between Boston and Burlington will bring significant
      >and transportation benefits through New England,"
      >Senator Edward Kennedy said Wednesday."We have already made progress in
      >linking Boston to New York City, and this proposal is an important
      >of that effort." Amtrak, whose Northeast Direct train from Boston to New
      >York has been delayed until later this year, would operate the new line.
      >Representatives James McGovern of Worcester, and Martin Meehan of
      >Lowell, with Senator Robert C.Smith and Representative Charles Bass, both
      >Republicans of New Hampshire, and Vermont Independent Bernard Sanders,
      >signed the letter.
      >By Alex Canizares
      [Could this actually be building steam!?-GB]

      Another large problem to deal with is that 8 mile, $13 billion hole in the
      ground of Boston called Interstate-93!
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