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Car Sharing - An intermediate step to Car Free

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  • Mike Morin
    http://www.cnt.org/2004/07/07/car-sharing July 7, 2004 I-GO, CNT s Car Sharing Program, Expands I-GO, CNT s car sharing program, extended its service to
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      July 7, 2004

      I-GO, CNT's Car Sharing Program, Expands
      I-GO, CNT's car sharing program, extended its service to Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood. I-GO is a membership-based service that provides members with access to a fleet of shared cars. For residents who either do not have a car, or occasionally need access to a second car for short trips, I-GO offers a new way to get around. Cars are now located in eight neighborhoods across the city. Find out more about the expansion on abc7chicago.com.

      Car sharing program expands
      By Roz Varon

      July 6, 2004 - Car sharing is becoming a very popular way to get around in Chicago. The I-Go car sharing program is expanding again, this time in the Lakeview neighborhood. Also, future plans are going hi-tech.

      Michael O'Leary is in a growing trend of city drivers who only use a car on a need to go basis! It's called I-Go, the city's nonprofit car-sharing program that has just added two cars to the Lakeview neighborhood.

      "Here in Lakeview I can walk to pretty much anything I need to go to and I take the train to work, so I don't really need my car," said O'Leary. Except to go grocery shopping or visit friends in the suburbs or get to places public transit can't. That's where I-Go comes in. For a one-time $75 membership fee, you can reserve the car, anytime, and pay only a $6 hourly fee and 50-cents a mile.

      "We cover insurance, we cover gas, we cover maintenance, we keep the cars clean, we take care of everything!" said Sharon Feigon, CEO, I-GO.

      Once you become a member, you receive a smart card. By placing it on the back windshield it unlocks the car; punch in your code on the keyboard, start the car and away you go! I-Go started two years ago as a pilot program, and has become so successful it has expanded from Edgewater to Hyde Park to Logan Square.

      With the Lakeview location the I-Go cars are now in eight Chicago neighborhoods and later this month, the first hybrid cars will be part of the program.

      "We're very excited, we're going to put them in the Millennium Park garage downtown!" said Feigon.

      All of the standard cars are Honda civics and in coming months you'll most likely see them in the Lincoln Square and Ravenswood communities.

      The goal of I-go is to expand to over 100 cars in the next 2 years.


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