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  • Christopher Miller
    A couple of magazines I bought today with interesting articles: 1. Women & Environments International ( www.weimag.com ) has a couple of articles on
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2004
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      A couple of magazines I bought today with interesting articles:

      1. Women & Environments International ( www.weimag.com ) has a couple
      of articles on transportation and cities from a womens' issues
      perspective, including "What will move us?" (p. 31), on transportation
      alternatives, "Cycling freedom for women" (p. 34) on promoting cycling
      for women both in the (developed) North and (developing) South, and
      "Hong Kong vs Toronto" (p. 36) on the contrast between walker-friendly
      Hong Kong vs Toronto, from a Hong Kong immigrant's perspective.

      Unfortunately the downloadable PDF with three article excerpts on the
      W&E web site doesn't contain excerpts of the articles mentioned here,
      so the best bet for anyone interested is to click on the "contact us"
      link on the sidebar for more details.

      The above articles include quotations from Kunstler, a reference to the
      Carfree Cities book, and links to a site on "the new mobility" (
      http://www.movingtheeconomy.ca ) and a UN site on safer cities (
      http://www.unchs.org/programmes/safercities ). In the book reviews
      section ("In Print", p. 53) , there is an article on Clara Greed's book
      Inclusive Urban Design: Public Toilets (Oxford University Press 2003,
      price 34.99 GBP) which I found particularly interesting. There is also
      a notice about an issue of UN-Habitat's magazine Habitat Debate titled
      "Towards woman-friendly cities" (
      http://www.unhabitat.org/hd/hdv8n4/default.asp ); a couple of other
      issues on the theme of building sustainable cities can be found on the
      main page for Habitat Debate ( http://www.unchs.org/hd/default.asp ).
      Volume 4 number 2 (1998) is on sustainable transport:


      2. Preservation, the magazine of the National Trust for Historic
      Preservation in the USA ( www.preservationonline.org ) has a cover
      story titled "Silent night, a basic right", which discusses the twin
      problems of noise pollution and sound pollution, especially in urban
      areas. Worth the read: there is a link to an excerpt here:
      http://www.nationaltrust.org/Magazine/current/index.htm .

      From my websurfing, and unrelated to the above, another link that
      should be of interest: this is an architectural practice in Britain
      whose guiding philosophy is sustainable, Zero Emissions Development.
      They have one project already completed, "BedZED", and their web site
      contains extensively illustrated descriptions of future projects. One I
      found especially intriguing is "VeloCity", a bicycle-centred
      development. Their URL:


      Another architectural firm, geographically at the antipodes but
      philosophically in the same space, is Ecopolis Architects in Australia
      (I'm not sure but I suspect I may have linked to them in a message
      several months ago):


      Chris Miller
      Washington DC
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