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Re: [carfree_cities] land use percentage data

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  • Jeremy Hubble
    You may try looking at a few city sources - The parks department will probably have a number of total patkland. I have found useful information in zoning codes
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2004
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      You may try looking at a few city sources -

      The parks department will probably have a number of total patkland.

      I have found useful information in zoning codes and zoning maps, though
      it is often not in very useful formats. Some assumptions can be made
      from some of the data.

      My rough approach was to use the city zoning maps and zoning codes to
      make some assumptions.

      For example:
      20% of city is zoned for 'Rx'
      'Rx' requires that a house sit on a minimum .25 acre lot with a minimum
      20 foot setback, 2 car garage, 10 foot side clearance, and maximum 20%
      lot coverage, and requires parking for 2 cars. Parking regulations
      required 'y' space per car parked. From this some numbers could be made
      for the specific residence. You could probably use census data to get
      number of single family houses and multiple it out to get rough housing

      For commercial property, there are usually similar zoning regulations,
      often based on square footage or other factors. The city or chamber of
      commerce will probably have data on the total office space as well as
      total number of commercial entities, etc. From these aggregate
      approximations of total building space as well as total parking and
      'private parkland' can be obtained.

      The roads department probably knows how many miles of road are in the
      city. They can probably also give a break down by type (arterial,
      collector, etc.) Zoning regulations also dictate the minimum widths of
      roads, and can be used to get a rough approximation of total road space

      Using these methods gets a quick and rough 'theoretical' land-use
      breakdown for cities that don't have the information readily available.
      It will be most useful for newer cities. Older cities are most likely
      heavily built up in a way that doesn't at all resemble current zoning.


      "Carfree City, USA" wrote:
      > hi all
      > sorry about the cross posting
      > I am looking for the following info. If anyone can help me track it down, I would appreciate it.
      > Joel Crawford, in his book, CARFREE CITIES, page 142-143, describes the land use percentages as they would be in a carfree district. He lists the following:
      > buildings: 38.3%
      > streets/ pavement: 28.9%
      > open space: 31.0%
      > metro freight line: 1.8%
      > i would love to have similar figures for any cities or suburbs anywhere in the world, but especially in the U.S. I want to have these figures to use in educational materials to be able to demonstrate what the advantages of carfree developments can be.
      > i have tried contacting city planning departments via e-mail, and have either gotten no response or the response that they do not have that data. I imagine that it could be calculated using aerial fotos.
      > Does anyone have any ideas of where I might find this data? Also, if people could find out the data for their particular town or city (and pass it along to me), I could compile it and put it on our website.
      > I think that it would be very valuable to have.
      > Thanks in advance for your help.
      > Best
      > David Ceaser
      > CarFree City, USA
      > david@...
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