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Re: [carfree_network] A carfree marketing poster proposal

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  • Jason Meggs
    ... There s a huge need for this. I think posters are great, and offer that smaller downloadables (e.g., 8.5 x 11 PDF s) are in need as well. They are
    Message 1 of 3 , May 31, 2004
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      On Sun, 30 May 2004, Colin Leath wrote:

      > It's pretty clear to me that I want to work in the
      > "marketing space" of the carfree movement rather than
      > in the theory and practice space...
      > I'd also like to try to encourage more people to work
      > creatively on the marketing agenda & strategy.

      There's a huge need for this.

      I think posters are great, and offer that smaller downloadables (e.g.,
      8.5 x 11 PDF's) are in need as well.

      They are generally cheaper, faster and easier to mass-produce than posters
      are, anywhere the internet and a printer are available.

      Everything from stickers (always popular with the bicycling crowd) to
      flyers. Examples:

      * strip flyers to put on car windshields. not just fake citations but
      infosheets imploring/urging/encouraging drivers to rethink personal
      behavior *AS*WELL*AS* the environment which leads to that behavior

      * flyers to put on posts about general topics all leading to the main
      concept. topics to cover can be everything from what parking and
      roads entail, to issues of childhood development, to pollution, etc.

      For an example of a nice little archive of such flyer stock, check:


      One particularly nice one for this purpose is:


      To put together a great series (which perhaps builds mystery -- "Who is
      putting up this series and did I miss one?" -- Collect them all!) as a
      "propaganda packet" for any city would be very useful. They'd be better
      still if they were tailored some to the individual area (language,
      currency, local statistics). Easier said than done when you're providing
      to the world. But perhaps that's part of the challenge of a good
      advertisement: universality. How about some that are completely
      iconographic? Come to think of it, simply copying and posting/pasting
      some of the amazing cartoons (e.g., Singer's book and Roadkill Bill) would
      be great -- all this takes work and inspiration which raises the need to
      organize groups that do postings.

      How much can we hope to accomplish by catching a passing glance on a
      notice? Perhaps it's best to simply put forth a broad range of simple
      messages that interrelate. There is so much pro-car propaganda inundating
      the world that to pepper the commons with some antidotes is warranted (the
      best antidote being carfree places, and leave the adverts at home...).

      Of course there's a need for a densely worded treatise against car
      culture. I thought this one was very good when it appeared in the
      published Bike Summer zine (first Bike Summer, 1999, SF):

      I'm personally interested in seeing more short PSA's (video adverts) about
      being car-free, and possibly working on same. Anything to get commercials
      about *living* rather than *buying* in the mix...

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