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Can we be carfree and have Jobs and Energy Independence?

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  • Steve Geller
    The Ten-Point Plan for Good Jobs and Energy Independence 1. Promote Advanced Technology & Hybrid Cars: Begin today to provide incentives for converting
    Message 1 of 2 , May 23, 2004
      The Ten-Point Plan for Good Jobs and Energy Independence

      1. Promote Advanced Technology & Hybrid Cars: Begin today to provide
      incentives for converting domestic assembly lines to manufacture highly
      efficient cars, transitioning the fleet to American made advanced
      technology vehicles, increasing consumer choice and strengthening the US
      auto industry.

      [Does anyone expect hybrids from the US auto industry,
      the people who have been heavily promoting SUVs?]

      3. Encourage High Performance Building: Increase investment in
      construction of "green buildings" and energy efficient homes and offices
      through innovative financing and incentives, improved building
      operations, and updated codes and standards, helping working families,
      businesses, and government realize substantial cost savings.

      4. Increase Use of Energy Efficient Appliances: Drive a new generation of
      highly efficient manufactured goods into widespread use, without driving
      jobs overseas, by linking higher energy standards to consumer and
      manufacturing incentives that increase demand for new durable goods and
      increase investment in US factories.

      5. Modernize Electrical Infrastructure: Deploy the best available
      technology like scrubbers to existing plants, protecting jobs and the
      environment; research new technology to capture and sequester carbon and
      improve transmission for distributed renewable generation.

      6. Expand Renewable Energy Development: Diversify energy sources by
      promoting existing technologies in solar, biomass and wind while setting
      ambitious but achievable goals for increasing renewable generation, and
      promoting state and local policy innovations that link clean energy and jobs.

      7. Improve Transportation Options: Increase mobility, job access, and
      transportation choice by investing in effective multimodal networks
      including bicycle, local bus and rail transit, regional high-speed rail
      and magnetic levitation rail projects.

      [What's the motivation here? Selling buses? How about
      limiting the amount of parking? Right now, California is
      stealing property tax funds from buses to balance the
      State budget.]

      8. Reinvest In Smart Urban Growth: Revitalize urban centers to promote
      strong cities and good jobs, by rebuilding and upgrading local
      infrastructure including road maintenance, bridge repair, and water and
      waste water systems, and by expanding redevelopment of idled urban
      brownfield lands, and by improving metropolitan planning and

      [Good place for that multimodal and bus transportation,
      isn't it? Is parking considered part of revitalization?]

      9. Plan For A Hydrogen Future: Invest in long term research &
      development of hydrogen fuel cell technology, and deploy the
      infrastructure to support hydrogen powered cars and distributed
      electricity generation using stationary fuel cells, to create jobs in
      the industries of the future.

      [I'm a real grump about Hydrogen. I think it's another fad,
      like shale oil and wind power, which will fizzle fast
      when the federal funds get cut. What we need is fewer
      cars on the roads, not new propulsion systems.]

      10. Preserve Regulatory Protections: Encourage balanced growth and
      investment through regulation that ensures energy diversity and system
      reliability, that protects workers and the environment, that rewards
      consumers, and that establishes a fair framework for emerging

      [Not if there's another Bush administration.]
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