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One Less Car (Maryland, USA) needs new Executive Director

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  • Colin Leath
    http://www.onelesscar.org Below is the text of the pdf file, and their responses to some of the questions I had. Alas I don t have the kind of experience
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2004
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      Below is the text of the pdf file, and their responses
      to some of the questions I had. Alas I don't have the
      kind of experience they're looking for.

      Perhaps pass this on to any car-free oriented people
      with experience directing a non-profit.

      here's the location of their HQ, though the mention

      Executive Director

      One Less Car

      Maryland Campaign for Bicycling and Walking, a
      nonprofit organization that promotes bicycling and
      walking as viable modes of transportation is seeking a
      full-time Executive Director.

      Areas of focus include program, financial and
      operations management, funding development,
      community relations, advocacy and Board support.

      The ideal candidate will be an energetic self-starter
      who is familiar with, or able to quickly learn, the
      intricacies of transportation policies, planning, and
      best practices as they relate to bicycling and walking
      facilities. The Executive Director will be the primary
      representative liaison with state and federal
      agencies, advocacy groups, and the general public.
      Superb organizational, computer and communications
      skills are a must, as is the knowledge and ability to
      work as a
      team with the Board of Directors.

      Principle Responsibilities

      Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy and Education
      � Develop and implement, in partnership with the
      board, a strategic plan to advance bicycling and
      walking in Maryland
      � Develop and implement, in concert with the Board of
      Directors, appropriate responses to events and
      ragedies that impact bicyclist and pedestrian
      accessibility and safety
      � Coordinate classes and seminars that encourage
      increased bicycling and walking by all Marylanders
      � Develop and nurture partnerships with outside
      organizations that have similar or overlapping goals
      � Stay abreast of and develop appropriate responses to
      state and national legislation that impact bicyclists
      and walkers.
      � Oversee publishing the quarterly newsletter
      � Oversee bicycle events that promote One Less Car and
      � Represent the interests of bicyclists and
      pedestrians at various public meetings and forums
      around the state.

      Fundraising and Membership
      � Develop an annual budget for review and approval of
      the Board of Directors
      � Grow membership as well as respond to and resolve
      membership issues
      � Fulfill requirements to satisfy on-going grants
      � Generate proposals for future grants
      � Staff the fundraising committee and supervise any
      grant writers

      � Maintain legal and financial records of One Less Car
      � Administer periodic membership mailings
      � Ensure that One Less Car fulfills all obligations
      necessary to maintain 501(c)(3) status and other
      ethical requirements
      � Manage day to day office activities
      � Hire, supervise, develop, and if necessary, fire
      staff, consultants and contractors

      Board Relations
      � Attend and brief One Less Car Board of Directors at
      bimonthly meetings and attend
      committee meetings as necessary.
      � Coordinate Board meeting agendas and minutes with
      the President
      � Coordinate and facilitate board and committee
      activities with the respective chairs
      Preferred Qualifications
      � Bachelor�s Degree
      � Minimum of three years� experience in nonprofit
      � Knowledge of and/or willingness to become expert in
      bicycling and pedestrian issues and a strong
      commitment to furthering the core mission and goals of
      One Less Car
      � Excellent written and oral communications skills
      � Skilled in MS Word, Excel, and Publishing, as well
      as FileMaker Pro and QuickBooks
      � Fundraising and grant writing experience and
      � Ability and willingness to telecommute.
      � Work schedule must accommodate many evening meetings
      and weekend events.

      Compensation and Application Process
      Salary: Mid-30�s to start, with likely increases as
      the organization grows; vacation and sick leave

      To apply, please provide a cover letter, resume, and
      writing sample to:
      OneLessCar@... with the subject line
      �Executive Director search� or mail to:
      One Less Car, PO Box 1870, Pasadena, MD 21123. No
      telephone calls, please.

      ****************************their answers to my

      Dear Colin-

      I will pass this on to the other members of our search
      committee who know more about the advertising venues

      Pete left for a few reasons. One Less Car is so
      visible in state and federal issues due to Pete's
      efforts that other organizations couldn't help
      but notice his qualities and effectiveness. He was
      given an offer he couldn't refuse. He is now with the
      American Hiking Association. He is a founding member
      and has been with OLC in one capacity or another since
      1998- he felt it was time to apply his skills in other
      areas. He is still very active and continues as a key
      organizer of our Cycle Across Maryland event
      this summer.

      The position has been open for a few weeks.

      Thanks for offering to help. We are at a very
      exciting stage in our development with two large
      events and the potential for significant grant
      funding. We will be looking for a fairly seasoned
      director with the
      expertise to help us expand and build upon Pete's

      Best Regards,


      Paul Lebow, President
      One Less Car
      Maryland Campaign for Bicycling and Walking
      Promoting safe access for all to the public right of

      on 5/20/04 8:24 PM, Colin Leath at cleath@...

      > Pete and/or Executive Director search committee,
      > I may be interested in applying for this position,
      > I know many others who also may be interested.
      > I have some questions:
      > o How long has the position been open?
      > o Where has it been advertised? (I'm not finding a
      > record of it on common carfree lists, and would like
      > to know where these kinds of positions are
      > o Why is Pete Olsen leaving the position? (and where
      > is he going next?)
      > I'd be happy to forward this information to multiple
      > relevant lists (like at
      > once I find out more!
      > Thank you,
      > Colin Leath
      > http://carfreeuniverse.org
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