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Sustainability resources at The Commons

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  • J.H. Crawford
    ... Subject: The Commons - Sustainability resources available Dear Sustainability Colleagues, I’d like to draw to your attention several free sustainability
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2004
      This is just in from Eric Britton at The Commons:


      Subject: The Commons - Sustainability resources available

      Dear Sustainability Colleagues,

      I’d like to draw to your attention several free sustainability resources under The Commons that may be of some use to your program, friends and colleagues and others concerned with the tightly interlocked challenges of sustainable development and social justice. Let me keep it brief for now, but also invite you to further exchanges on our topic of mutual interest as you may wish.

      The shared resources include:

      1. The Commons Sustainability Agenda at http://ecoplan.org
      A wide open, independent “first-stop shop” on the web for concerned citizens, researchers, students, policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors or social activists interested getting a firm grasp of current world sustainability issues, views and developments from an unbiased critical perspective. We invite diversity, participation, complex thinking and initiative.

      2. Our World Sustainability News Alerts (at same address, as are all of following)
      This handy free toolset provides one click overviews of latest sustainability developments in five languages. Check the state of play and get ready to rethink your thinking. Start your day with a cup of coffee and your morning edition of World Sustainability News (updated hourly).

      3. Repertoire of World S/D Resources:
      One-click access to a well organized collection covering related programs and sites in some thirty countries world wide. Fully searchable. (Are you listed there? If not, get in touch and let us know about this and other important oversights.)

      4. The Programs:
      If you travel to our site, you will see that there are more than a dozen specific program areas that we are currently working on, each highly focused (examples: Rethinking Work, the New Mobility Agenda, World Carshare Consortium, etc. you will see). A number of these are well advanced and already making an active contribution in their chosen areas of specialization. Have a look and perhaps there will be some in which you will be interested in using or somehow joining in.

      5. The Commons World @Forum - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/the-commons/
      This low volume @Forum provides periodic announcements of events, programs and new sources. It’s free and we are careful about your time. To give it a try, go to the site and click Sign in Here on the top menu.

      6. Current Critical Issues Discussion – The Copenhagen Consensus
      Do you know about this one? The Consensus is a problematical brainstorming exercise posing some of the world's leading economists questions about sustainable development priorities in a world of limited resources. We invite you to check it out, follow some of the more critical discussions that are paralleling it, and pitch in here with your views.

      7. Low Cost, SOA Virtual Conferencing and xWork – 2004 Pilot program
      We have been using low cost videoconferencing in our daily work for more than a decade, and today the prices and reach of the available technologies are fast changes the ground rules. We are about to initiate an open pilot project. All you need is a sincere interest in the challenges of sustainability, a good web cam and broad band access. We and our partners at the Swedish national university program will do the rest. Are you on for the free pilot?

      That’s it for today. I hope that we may be hearing from you and that you will find some interest and use in these tools. For our part we are interested to following your projects and progress, so hope that you too will want to tighten the links and exchanges. We here at The Commons have been struggling with these issues for a bit more than thirty years and hey! the wrenching problems of sustainability and social justice are still there. Only of course there are more of them and worse. Which is why we have to get back to work now.

      With all good wishes,

      Eric Britton

      PS. If this strikes a cord, may I ask you to forward this note to friends, groups and colleagues who share these interests. The real power of The Commons lies in the opening up our thinking and bringing in more people and groups who share our concerns and are willing to work for them. Kind thanks.

      The Commons __ technology, economy, society__
      Le Frene, 8/10 rue Joseph Bara
      75006 Paris, France, Europe
      T: +331 4326 1323 Fax/Voicemail hotline: +331 5301 2896
      W: http://www.ecoplan.org IP Videoconference:
      E: Eric.Britton@... Personal webpage: www.EricBritton.org



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