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Re: [carfree_cities] transport question

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  • Andrew Dawson
    There is a funny(sic) project at hand in the Detroit-Windsor area, where the two existing rail tunnels would be turned into truck only tunnels and a new rail
    Message 1 of 6 , May 2, 2004
      There is a funny(sic) project at hand in the Detroit-Windsor area, where the
      two existing rail tunnels would be turned into truck only tunnels and a new
      rail tunnel (single track) is to be built beside it.


      >From: Richard Risemberg <rickrise@...>
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      >Subject: Re: [carfree_cities] transport question
      >Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 21:04:22 -0700
      >Forget the Big-Dig style tunnel. Propose a rail tunnel NOW; have it
      >built, as roads are, at public expense; have it open to whatever rail
      >entities you may have in Canada, or, better yet, have it open to all
      >container companies at nominal cost (by which I mean nearly free), with
      >shuttle trains operated by the government. The payback would then be
      >the benefit to the community and the money saved on future road
      >The tunnel should begin in a staging area in the midst of your factory
      >locations and end in a similar area in the US. Any cross-border
      >paperwork and inspections should take place in the staging areas, which,
      >being plazas rather than roads, could have multiple entrances and
      >processing stations, all easily policed. Containers, or even entire
      >trucks, are easy to load onto railcars with large motorized claws that
      >grab the container and muscle it onto the train in about 15 seconds. I
      >have watched these at work in LA. (Trailers loaded with finished cars
      >would require different treatment, or the cars could simply be driven
      >from the factories and onto the trains, as they are for ship transport.)
      >By emphasizing that the government would be paying itself profit in the
      >form of physcial and social health and reduced public expendituresm
      >rather than in cash, you could justify building something like this.
      >That's what they did in promoting the Alameda Corridor in LA, which has
      >as its primary purpose congestion and smog reduction.
      >Chris Holt wrote:
      > >
      > > I have a question for this list on a topic that is plaguing my
      > > community right now. It is one that deals with the entire way that
      > > Canadian (as others) move their goods around. Yes, the almighty
      > > transport truck.
      > >
      > >
      > > So what do we do in the interm? We realize that long term we must
      > > reevaluate the ways in which we trade and move goods, but what do we
      > > do right now to quell the diesel fumes we're currently filtering
      > > through our lungs? Build a staging area outside the city where the
      > > trucks can queue until they're able to cross? Build a tunnel
      > > (a-la-Boston's Big Dig) and then convert it to rail when the need
      > > permits? Anything we proposed cannot contribute any more to our
      > > long-term reliance on this mode of transport.
      > >
      >Richard Risemberg
      >"Until you stop looking for simple answers, you will not be happy. You
      >will not even be human."
      > RR
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