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Re: List of political leaders with sustainable devlpmnt agenda

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  • look384
    Patrick, Thanks for the response. You have no need to apologize for getting on the political soapbox. On the contrary, I believe more of us should get on the
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 2, 2004

      Thanks for the response. You have no need to apologize for getting
      on the political soapbox. On the contrary, I believe more of us
      should get on the political soapbox, because as pointed out by Alex
      Marshall in "How Cities Work: The Roads Not Taken" auto-dependence
      development (all development actually) is a result of political
      decisions made. To change direction requires political action.

      I confess I hadn't done any more research on John Kerry, other than
      what was conveniently available in the media, so I checked your
      recommended website and agree with you he has a much better position
      than George Bush. His energy policies aren't overwhelming, but he
      really caught my interest with his sustainable growth views. To my
      knowledge, which may not be a strong endorsement, he's the most
      influential US political leader today who understands and is willing
      to state building bigger and better roads to move more people to and
      from the suburbs is a PROBLEM (rather than a benefit), and a problem
      created in part by the federal government.

      No doubt his policies could be more aggressive to reduce auto-
      dependence, but there's certainly hope. Christopher Miller's
      suggestion to provide feedback to the Kerry campaign is excellent.
      It provides two immediate benefits. First, it lets him know there
      are ways to strengthen his stance on certain critical issues, and
      points out he needs to tackle auto-dependence more than he needs to
      tackle oil-dependence. Second, and maybe more importantly, it lets
      him know there are people who support policies to reduce driving and
      improve sustainable growth. He probably won't get much support from
      the media and public at large on these issues, they are somewhat of
      a gamble. So, groups such as ours must let him know he's got

      One last benefit of this discussion: There are undoubtly others
      with an interest to improve city life who may not be doing they're
      homework on the candidates or even what changes are needed to
      improve city life. Spreading the word about a national leader who
      could deliver a less auto-dependent US is important, and something
      we should do from this list.

      Can we put together a letter from this list to the Kerry campaign
      showing our support for his best policies and recommending
      improvements to some of his other policies?


      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, Patrick McDonough
      <patrick1@e...> wrote:
      > Kevin-
      > You should look up Earl Blumenauer (sp?) from Portland, Oregon.
      > not surprising that a strong pro-transit politician has emerged
      > but his influence has been extremely beneficial locally in
      securing the
      > improvements in the non-car infrastructure that Portland has. I'm
      > aware of anyone else (at least in the U.S.) who promotes rail for
      > reasons Blumenauer does, instead of the usual
      > development rationale.
      > Finally, your joke about J.H. aside, despite the lack of demand
      > reduction strategies for oil among major party candidates, John
      > has supported increases in fuel economy regularly throughout his
      > and is from a city/state that uses transit and walks more than
      most in
      > the U.S. Kerry also has one of the best environmental voting
      records in
      > the Senate. To suggest that there would not be an improvement
      > Kerry in terms of progress towards the goals sought by carfree
      > supporters- is naive. Please see
      > http://www.johnkerry.com/issues/energy/, and then contrast his
      > proposals with those of a failed Texas oilman whose energy policy
      > revolves around tax breaks to oil and drilling in ANWR.
      > My apologies to the list for getting on the political soapbox here.
      > Patrick
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