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FW: Re: [T_2000] Re: Intermodality in Ottawa

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  • Andrew Dawson
    Thought this was interesting. Happy New Year, Andrew Dawson ... _________________________________________________________________ The new MSN 8: advanced junk
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2004
      Thought this was interesting. Happy New Year, Andrew Dawson

      >From: Marc Dufour <lugalle@...>
      >Reply-To: T_2000@yahoogroups.com
      >To: T_2000@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [T_2000] Re: Intermodality in Ottawa
      >Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2004 11:42:20 -0500
      >At 11:05 2004/01/01, David Jeans wrote:
      > >And when talking intermodal, don't forget cyclists and
      > >pedestrians. Though the train station is served by the city's extensive
      > >bicycle path network, there is no signage at the station to find the
      >A few times, once off the train, I had to go to Balena Avenue, which is
      >right north of the General Hospital campus. The shortest way was to cross
      >the tracks and head south accross the old coach-yard. To go by bus called
      >for one transfer at Hurdman (or St-Laurent), and would have taken 4 times
      >as long. Never mind "legally" walking, I would have to walk all the way to
      >the Queensway and down Alta-Vista drive...
      >Of course, it gave several heart attacks to the VIA Rail peanut sellers who
      >thought they could prevent me from *GASP* crossing the tracks.
      > >concealed entrance to the path. At pathway junctions near the station
      > >there are no directions to the station itself. There are no bicycle
      > >or lockers at the station. You also cannot take bicycles on the
      > >trains. The bus station is close to designated cycling routes, but
      > >bicycle access to the airport has not been addressed.
      >Can't you stop whining? Why don't you buy a car like every sane,
      >able-bodied Canadian is supposed to do???? And comeon, riding a bicycle?
      >Are you nuts? You want to be in the way of the normal people driving their
      >hard-earned cars???? What kind of asocial nut are you to promote a
      >lifestyle that is so destructive for our Economy?
      >You should be sent to a re-education camp, in Markham, Brampton or Kanata,
      >to teach you the values of proper automobile ownership!!!!
      >After all, there is a very important car and petroleum industry that is in
      >a dire need of our hard-earned dollars!!!! How do you expect the Economy to
      >**WORK** if you don't shell-out � of your earnings in an automobile????
      >How do you think George's Bush sr. would able been able to afford his son's
      >education if it weren't for the money he made in petroleum???? Is it what
      >you want, George W. Bush to have a public-school education? Do you think he
      >could be where he is now if he had a public-school education???
      >It's incredible that some people can be so selfish and refuse to do their
      >part to support our zillionaires!!!! You must be a pinko commie!!!!!

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