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RE: [carfree_cities] Working Bicycles

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    ... I ve seen those, they re nice and I feel they make a professional vehicle. It also makes more diversity in human vehicles, where we re accustomed to see
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 3, 2000
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      > On 2 Jun 2000, at 19:46, Doug Salzmann wrote:
      > > It hasn't been so very long since bicycle deliveries of all
      > kinds were
      > > common, even in North America. I remember neighborhood grocers,
      > > pharmacists, etc., all employed people (often teenagers)
      > who made the
      > > rounds via bicycle.
      > Many d├ępanneurs (corner grocery stores) here in Montreal still use
      > bike delivery. It's actually more a "trike" than a "bike"--a large
      > basket on two wheels in the front, with the drive wheel in the back.
      > (This reminds me, I gotta take a picture of one of them and post it
      > on the Web.)
      I've seen those, they're nice and I feel they make a professional vehicle.
      It also makes more diversity in human vehicles, where we're accustomed
      to see bikes or trikes with the 2 wheels in the back.

      When shopping for a bike, I've even seen a large closed basket on two wheels
      made to be pulled while walking behind. This could be used to deliver
      newspapers, mail or grocery in a very dense neighborhood without carrying
      a heavy bag.

      > Of course, we've also taken a few giant leaps backwards. The
      > Gazette newspaper eliminated its bike delivery routes a couple of
      > years ago.
      What does it mean? Does it mean paperboys have to walk now?

      I forget what the rationale was. A few years ago, some
      > enterprising young people started a pedicab business. They were
      > quickly quashed by the association of taxi drivers. Or maybe they
      > were just squashed, I can't remember...
      Let's suggest some drivers within the association of taxi drivers to
      switch from gas car to the "yellow trike", the golf cart for single
      passengers, or like in the old port, the good old horse and carriage
      setup. Do you know if taxi drivers have the right to choose their vehicle?

      > Wade Eide
      > Montreal
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