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Re: [carfree_cities] Montreal Transit Strike Was: Second class citizens?

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  • Andrew Dawson
    My self I was mostly taking the train and walking so I wasn t really affected, still it s a dumb thing for a transit unions to strike, because all they do is
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2003
      My self I was mostly taking the train and walking so I wasn't really
      affected, still it's a dumb thing for a transit unions to strike, because
      all they do is loose customers.

      One island, one city, one bus, one hell of a mess. Till later, Andrew

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      >Subject: [carfree_cities] Montreal Transit Strike Was: Second class
      >Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 22:54:18 -0500
      >"Louis-Luc" <exqmtl@...> writes:
      > > Louis-Luc
      > > BTW: Montreal Transit System maintenance employees
      > > have been on strike for 1 week, upsetting the whole
      > > community. Now the manager wants the government to
      > > give the "essential service" status to transit so
      > > full service would have to be maintained even during
      > > a strike.
      >The strike didn't really effect me, because I bike almost everywhere
      >:) I can understand that the interruption of service can be a terrible
      >thing for old people or families with children. But I was reading in
      >the papers about young people (students, etc) missing the morning rush
      >hour service and waiting 6 or 7 hours for the evening service. And I
      >was like what? I mean what distance could possibly be so great that
      >you couldn't bike it in 6 or 7 hours :) I could bike almost 200 km. I
      >mean I could walk 30 km in that time (I know I have). But seriously it
      >was sad, La Presse (the newspaper) had an article about some people
      >having to bike places and how it was so terrible for them.
      >Don't think I'm an insensitive jerk. I know, I know, we live in a
      >carcentric society, and people live in the middle of nowhere, and
      >people are out of shape and they're just so used to the way things
      >are, etc.
      >I'm also not against transit. I think it's a great thing that Montreal
      >has such an amazing system (even though things look bleak sometimes,
      >they're scheduling a 10% increase in fairs, oh man not again...). One
      >of my dreams is for Montreal to have a Metro system like that of
      >It's just that biking is such incredible fun. People think that it's
      >difficult or that people who ride their bikes here and there are some
      >kind of superheroes or maniacs or something. But it's easy. It's like
      >learning to ride a bicycle :)
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