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RE: [carfree_cities] Eliminating cars would leave countless people unemployed

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  • Louis-Luc
    ... Maybe, but you forget that eliminating cars also *create* a huge amounts of jobs and drains some money. Example: With no motor car in the city, we ll need
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 20, 2003
      > On a local level, I would assume that massive amounts of cash flow would
      > stay in the local community rather then be spend on gas & oil. Couldn't
      > even begin to add up the huge sums of money leaving a state filling up
      > automobiles. The car is like a cash drain on local communities.
      Maybe, but you forget that eliminating cars also *create* a huge amounts
      of jobs and drains some money. Example:

      With no motor car in the city, we'll need people to:

      - Carry heavy objects (furniture, stoves, washer/dryers,...) on wheeled
      platforms, cargo bikes or trikes, or other such small vehicles permitted
      on the site. In other words, we'll need one or two people for every
      piece of furniture instead of a 3 or 4 people for a whole household
      including the truck driver)

      - Many, many more people for home delivery. Instead of one or two people to
      drive a truck or car and deliver, maybe 10 or even 20 orders on the
      same run, we'll need nearly one person *for each* single (or dual if
      both close) delivery. And that theory is good for grocery orders, drug
      store orders, and even movie tapes and of course your favorite pizza :-)
      Guess your pizza is hotter when delivered by bike on a single-order
      run than by car if your pizza is the 10th, or even the 5th out of a
      10-order run.

      - Many more greenspaces then asphalt, so many more people needed to
      keep greenspaces nice and healty.

      - Many more people will be working in transit systems, since they will be
      the only motorized transports available.

      - Many more people will be needed to help people moving around when they
      have low mobility (elderly, handicapped...). Instead of relying on a car
      (or even taxis) to go to hospitals, people will call helpers to transport
      them safely, as if they'd be in a car. A vast number of human or animal-
      powered vehicles of various sizes, roofed or uncovered, could be used
      depending on weather and other conditions. The ONLY exception would
      probably be the ambulance, as we know it today, to take emergency cases
      as fast as possible to the hospital.

      Of course, all these services won't be free. We'll pay for them privately
      or via taxes, so all these people will have jobs. The thing to do:

      Instead of throwing blindly our money into cars and oil, we'll save enough
      to pay for all above services.

      Instead of working blindly for cars and oil, why not quit these jobs, and
      find one of the new jobs described above?

      I'm sure moneywise, car-centric and carfree economies are 4 quarters for
      a doller, but the latter is heaven for environment and life quality.

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