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RE: [carfree_cities] Transport Infrastructure (was Shock Tactics)

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    Message 1 of 45 , Jun 2, 2000
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      ... You got the point, again. BTW, what s the definition of sport? A sport is an activity or a competition where the natural human body does the work, isn t
      Message 45 of 45 , Jun 6, 2000
        > > There's certainly a way to carry even more, maybe if one
        > builds tandem
        > > units. Say 2 pedalers could carry 2000 pounds behind. Also
        > a larger gear
        > > set could help as it would need less pedaling strokes to pull more.
        > > Your idea is great! Instead of formula 1 car races (where the winner
        > > may lose because his car is defective), we could settle a Grand Prix
        > > cycling, that also includes a load carrying competition.
        > >
        > Gee, it would be super to see the trike or heavy haul biking event on
        > sports television for its own interest and because it would
        > be a way of
        > easing it into peoples' heads that they do not need a van or
        > even a car
        > to haul significant loads. Heavy haul biking -- sounds pretty brawny
        > doesn't it?
        > Martha
        You got the point, again. BTW, what's the definition of sport? A sport is
        an activity or a competition where the natural human body does the work,
        isn't that the definition?

        I'm getting upset here when in the sports news report on TV they talk about
        Formula I before talking about hockey (or baseball in the US) which is
        our national sport. I don't consider F1 as a sport since the body of
        the athletes doesn't perform the whole exercise. They should read the news
        in the order as follows:
        - The national sport of your country (hockey, baseball or soccer...)
        - The other natural sports in any arbitrary order (including cycling,
        running, gym, swimming, canoe, etc...)
        - And finally (if there's time left), the F1 or any other artificial sport.

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