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Re: Burning Fossil Fuels for Energy: When's a Good Time to Quit?

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  • hcfdave
    In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, dubluth ... uses H2 ... press ... this ... could ... -- That s just the tip of a huge dirty iceberg.---.
    Message 1 of 19 , Oct 8, 2003
      In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "dubluth" <dubluth@y...>
      > Besides being inefficient, an energy distribution system that
      uses H2
      > as a carrier may be distructive to the environment. Here is a
      > release, possibly published on <usinfo.state.gov>
      > I also found in PDF format an article published in Science on
      > study that concluded that the earth's UV filtering ozone layer
      > be harmed by the releases of anthropogenic H2

      -- That's just the tip of a huge dirty iceberg.---. The $^(%ing cars'
      actual operation causes only a small part of the ecological
      destruction! they cause! Think of all those huge roadbuilding
      machines, strip mine operations (not many pollution controls on
      rgose motors, you can bet- and are the motorheads planning to
      switch those to hydrogen too? But wait-- just BUILDING all those
      machines causes a unthinkably huge amount of pollution! And
      we haven't even CONSIDERED all the energy used and resulting
      pollutuion generated in the manufacture of the $^(%ing cars
      themselves! Nor have we even thought about the fact that
      recycling the cars that do not ultimately become pollution
      themselves generates myriads of kotis of tons of really really
      rude pollution-- think of all that burning plastic; dioxin city!
      And THEN, we can think about all the medical waste generated
      in the treatment of those hundreds of thousands of crash
      victims!, Not to mention the dead bodies, smoke or ashes of the
      crash victims who die. It goes on and on- I'd be here all day and
      still noticing more horrible effects of $^(%ing cars!
      And. in passing, think of the pollution generated by building all
      the totally unnecessary, less-than-useless 'infrastructure' for the
      motoreads dream "hydrogen economy'... ...and all those spent
      nuclear fuel rods from the electricity needed for their hydrogen
      separation plants (and, yep, they'd have to build THOSE, too. ...it
      never ends....
      How can anyone even talk about this? ... well, I guess we've
      been thoughly brainwashed....

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