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Gulf Coast Institute special report

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  • Mike Harrington
    Gulf Coast Institute special reportFor those interested, here s a bird s-eye view of the raging debate in Houston over highway expansion. Will Texas become
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2003
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      Gulf Coast Institute special reportFor those interested, here's a bird's-eye
      view of the raging debate in Houston over highway expansion. Will Texas
      become another California? To read the Transportation Disconnect report,
      you need Adobe Reader:


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      From: David Crossley

      Transportation Disconnect:
      Are Supply and Demand Out of Sync in Houston?
      Public opinion in professional surveys and government-mandated
      transportation plans reveals a mismatch between where the public wants to
      spend its transportation dollars and where those dollars are actually going.

      In the 1980s, transportation planning in Houston was very simple: when
      demand increased, planners simply poured more pavement and the public was
      largely satisfied. By the 1990s, the pouring stayed the same, but the public
      began demanding more sophisticated solutions. By 2003, transportation tops
      out as Houstonians' most serious concern and it appears that transportation
      supply is disconnected to public demand, which increasingly favors transit.

      Recent government-mandated transportation plans and public surveys show what
      may be surprising evidence to those who have viewed Houston and highways as
      synonymous: once well-known road supporters, Houstonians are now more likely
      to be public transit proponents. Yet road-dominated transportation plans
      show that the products being offered are significantly out of sync with what
      Houston's customers would like to see.

      The evidence of such a disconnect between public demand and government
      supply comes from long-established professional public opinion researchers,
      from governmental transportation agencies, and from grassroots citizen

      The report is online at http://www.livablehouston.org
      David Crossley
      Gulf Coast Institute
      3015 Richmond Suite 250
      Houston TX 77098

      Ph 713-523-5757
      Fx 713-523-3057
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