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How is gasoline subsidized...please elaborate.

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    carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com ... Ken, this should satisfy your curiosity, I believe. The trouble with this is, there would be a massive revolt in this
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      > Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 19:58:32 -0700 (PDT)
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      > Subject: How is gasoline subsidized...please elaborate.
      > Can someone elaborate on the subsidizing of gasoline in the U.S. I
      > have often heard of this, and am interested in knowing how exactly
      > this is done...
      > Ken

      Ken, this should satisfy your curiosity, I believe.
      The trouble with this is, there would be a massive revolt in this country
      if the price of gas rose to even a fourth of what the real cost of gas is
      to society, even excluding the really big external costs like global
      warming and air pollution that car drivers get off Scott free on!
      The Real Price of Gasoline*

      - federal tax exemptions ($8.9 billion) -> state tax reductions ($123 - $
      323 million)
      - extraction & production subsidies, research & development, export
      financing ($115 billion)
      - federal oversight, pollution cleanup and liability costs ($1.6 billion)
      - U.S. military spending to guard world's petroleum resources ($55 - $96
      - social costs, including pollutions and congestion ($558 billion)***

      Grand Total: $1.69 trillion/year, or $15.14 per gallon

      * All amounts are in terms of annual subsidies.
      ** Exclude cost of going to war.
      *** Excludes loss of life costs and cost associated with global warming.

      SOURCE: International Center for Technology Assessment, "The Real Price
      Gas", 1998. http://www.icta.org/ctanews/realpr.htm

      I tried to make this point while working for state government in
      Wisconsin in Dec. 1999, and nearly got my legs up to my torso cut off
      from under me. Tommy Thompson, the current Secretary of Health under the
      Bush administration, was Wisconsin's governor at the time. He was (and
      still is to my knowledge) a staunch road building fanatic.


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