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  • Colin Leath
    to: carfreeecovillages xpost to: ourcultureourcapitol and carfree_cities I should eventually write up a doc on Carfree universe, but here are some first
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2003
      to: carfreeecovillages
      xpost to: ourcultureourcapitol and carfree_cities

      I should eventually write up a doc on Carfree
      universe, but here are some first thoughts on

      If you're in the US, and plan to do most of your
      future work/ living in the US, you should visit this

      They are starting on 340 or so acres of undeveloped
      land and attempting to create an actual eco
      "village".... with high-density development, its own
      economy... and everything else a village should have.

      It will (Ideally) someday be carfree.
      It is already more carfree than when it started.

      The people who are here are accomplished (editors of
      permaculture activist and communities magazine are
      both here, as are many who have been successful in the
      business world, and so on), and have joined the
      earthaven project after explorations of many other

      It is easy to come and live here during the warmer
      months-- as a work exchanger, ~24hrs work for a tent
      space and food- or for $60 you can stay for two weeks
      and either cook your own food or pay for common meals.

      This project is very much like a real sim-city game!

      Their biggest problem: they need more participants to
      realize their vision-

      My plans with respect to earthaven:
      I am a nomad, and headed to the west-- this is not my
      country-- if it were in the west would I stay and help
      build the village? Possibly. I will be here either
      till friday or possibly for another month.

      I also wish to head into mexico, where few(er) have
      cars, and more still live close to the earth, without
      needing to make special effort.

      This place is definitely a Nexus/capitol of the "new
      culture" in the United States.

      I can't help but think things are better in Europe--
      but we in the US have our visionaries as well (and
      possibly a greater need for them!).

      A few questions of relevance to the carfree movement:

      (1) The carfree movement needs more philosophical
      depth: we're not just about carfree, but about
      minimizing the resources devoted to moving things
      around (I believe).... what about minimizing time
      devoted to moving things around?? How can we come up
      with a more clear statement of our vision that offers
      guidance beyond what to do about cars?

      (2) The issue of how to build the carfree ecovillage--
      there are roads here- machinery is used to build that
      needs these roads... Are there road-free approaches to
      ecovillage construction? Are people attempting them?
      How were the old hill-towns built? Can we revive those
      methods of construction?

      (3) _Permaculture_ all of you, in addition to
      communities magazine, should be familiar with
      permaculture and _permaculture activist_ especially,
      which has a clear ecovillage focus (at least some

      (4) Permaculture is about food production, and many
      other things... it has philosophical depth-
      One of its tenets that (may) conflict with some
      carfree ideals is that the farmers need to be near
      their land... A high density center surrounded by
      fields that farmers must travel to may not be the best

      That's enough for now... wanted to let you know
      there's something very cool happening at earthaven.

      BTW- the blue ridge parkway is a beautiful road, with
      so few cars it is practically a bike path, although it
      is rather hilly. If you count Skyline drive in
      Virginia, it might total 600 miles of _very_ bicycle
      friendly riding north to south.

      here's one more URL for you:

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