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Re:Crash Adds Urgency, But All People Should Drive Less

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  • mtneuman@juno.com
    It use to be that the only people who lived in the country were farmers. The country was the country; the city was the city -- not much in between. There was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2003
      It use to be that the only people who lived in the country were farmers.
      country was the country; the city was the city -- not much in between.
      was not all this driving back and forth, back and forth, all the time.

      But then the highway and auto industries got together and convinced the
      federal and state politicians to build vast networks of divided highways,
      from the city to the country, so that people could live in the country
      still work in the city. All they needed was a good automobile and a quick
      and safe highway in between. "Put the pedal to the metal and you'll be
      in no time", they said.

      They were right, for awhile anyway. Until more and more people did the
      and then more and more people after that, etc..

      But now the country is getting congested with housing and other
      the vast amount of highway pavement in between has made the country seem
      smaller, and the air around the entire area, including the city, the
      and pavement in between, is getting all polluted, from the hundreds of
      thousands of automobiles and single occupancy sport utility vehicles
      (SOSUVs) travelling back and forth on the highways.

      Global warming is also catching up to us. Transportation is the largest
      emitter of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere in the U.S.; and the U.S.
      emits more of such gases than any other country. There is an urgent need
      to cut back on emissions now, and it's not just the elderly who should be
      encouraged to not drive so much, or not at all. Everybody should be
      encouraged to do that. But they won't, because there is little in if for
      them, personally that is. That's what has to change, in my opinion.


      On Sun, 20 Jul 2003 04:55:00 -0000 "dubluth" <dubluth@...> writes:
      > The fundamental problem exists in large part because people haven't
      > recognized the advantages of doing something about it. I don't know
      > if people simply aren't considering that in the future they may
      > experience advanced age or some condition that makes them unable to
      > competently drive. (Clearly some people don't consider this. I
      > really don't know of elderly people turning in their car keys
      > without
      > already having repeatedly demonstrating their incompetence at
      > driving
      > by crashing into things. It will be worth asking my folks what they
      > know about this.) These conversations will reasonably be among
      > those
      > that proceed more pedestrian oriented development. Who knows.
      > Maybe
      > we will learn from those conversations that some of our parents and
      > older friends have actually thought this through.
      > By the way, I just heard a plug for the NPR radio program _To the
      > Point_. The question posed in the next broadcast is something like
      > "should the US change to being less car reliant before much of its
      > population reaches advanced age?"
      > --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "Simon Baddeley" <s.j.
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      > > Quite right. I took my eye off the ball there.
      > >
      > > Simon
      > >
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      > Over
      > > Elderly Drivers
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      > >
      > > > Although denying citizens who cannot operate a motor vehicle
      > safely
      > > > (elderly, handicapped, etc) the privelege to drive is important,
      > it
      > > > does little to address the fundamental problem, which is in the
      > US
      > > > you must drive if you want to fully participate in life.
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